Lovely Finds: Marley Lilly

Last year I found this fabulous site called Marley Lilly. It has all sorts of adorable items that come monogrammed and I absolutely adore monograms. Here are two items I got for my birthday last year that I adore…

Both my scarf and tumbler have two of my favorite things, pink and animal print! Throughout the past year I have become obsessed with tumblers. They make my water look so festive! (On a sad note, I dropped my tumbler earlier this year and had so use some E6000 glue to get the top back in working order. It looks ok to the naked eye but hey at least I was able to save it!)

And I love wearing this scarf in the winter; it adds some sass to whatever sweater I am wearing! Leopard is my favorite thing ever and I find any chance I can to wear it.

Check out their website They have anything imaginable and what doesn’t look cute with a monogram?!

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