3 + 1 = The Rich’s Are A Family Of 4!

That’s right! We now have 2 little furbabies in our house! Welcome to the family, Madison!
Last weekend, we adopted miss Madison from the Little White Dog Rescue here in town. It’s no surprise that we’ve always wanted another dog, it was just a matter of when we would get one. I’ve been after Brandon ever since we got Gia that I wanted a play mate for her. We always agreed on 2 things when it came to a second dog 1) we would have a second dog before we have kids, 2) the dog needed to come from a rescue.
About a month and a half ago, I finally convinced B to let me apply for a dog. I applied to the rescue and it was quite a process. After a long application to fill out, they contacted our references, then we had a home tour in order to be approved to adopt. While the adoption process was going on, we went to a meet and greet with the rescue at a local pet store. This gives potential adopters the chance to meet some of the dogs in foster care before they adopt on.
We actually fell in love with 2 dogs at the meet and greet, both Maltese’s, one was a boy and the other a girl. We debated for days about which one to get and I would look at the website daily looking at their sad little faces. Madison (formerly named Meghan) was listed on the website but we didn’t meet her at the meet and greet but B was interested in her. I was set on one of the other 2 dogs and didn’t want to throw a third dog that I loved too into the mix as well.
Long story short, once we got approved, I called the rescue back and said that Madison was one we were interested in, even though we were set on one of the other 2 dogs. After talking to the other foster dog moms, there was no doubt in our mind that Madison was the right dog for us. She was 4 1/2 years old, and was rescued from a puppy mill and was doing well in her foster family’s home.
Two days later, Madison came to our house and we adopted her. And it’s been love at first sight ever since! I can’t imagine not having her around!
It’s been a learning experience having a puppy mill dog. Madison lived in a cage her whole life and she is scared of many things. She absolutely hates her leash and doesn’t know how to play with toys. We’ve been taking baby steps with her to get her better acclimated to living in the real world. We’ve been going on walks and she’s getting much better and not being afraid of outside sounds. She’s starting to play with toys and take treats from our hand. The second day here, she taught herself how to jump on the couch and she’s doing well with her potty training. Madison is still scared of us when we try to pick her up, but we know that it’ll take awhile for her to learn to trust us. But we absolutely love that little face of hers!
While she’s not quite the snuggle bear as our other dog Giavanna (I know we’ll get there: she just started to give us kisses when we ask!, it makes me happy knowing we’re giving her a good life. I can’t even imagine the life she had in the puppy mill and it makes me so sad knowing that some dogs live like that. 
If you’re looking to get a dog, I highly encourage you to adopt from a rescue. While we didn’t choose to adopt one of the other 2 dogs, I still worry about them finding a good home. Luckily, all of the dogs from the rescue we adopted from, they all live in a foster home so they’re not living in a cage. Like Bob Barker always said, control the pet population! 

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