Marathon Monday: Marathon Essentials

One of the things I was most nervous about for my marathon was how I’d survive for 5 hours without a lot of my essentials. Anyone who knows me knows that in my purse at all times I have something for any emergency situation…I’m kind of like Mary Poppins with her black bag


Just some of the fuel I packed for the race. 

I’m notorious for packing snacks, because I eat like a 15 year old boy. My makeup bag is filled with tons of lip glosses (because a girl needs options), Advil and Tums (because you never know when a headache or tummy ache may strike), hair ties, Tide stick (both my husband and I are major spillers), and kleenex, brush, mints, lotion, hand sanitizer, notepad, pen…..the list seriously goes on and on. It’s a simple fact, I just like to be prepared.

Since running with my massive purse on my shoulder wasn’t an option, here’s the things I took with me and I managed to be fine for 5.5 hours on the road.


This is not a definite must have as there are lots of water/aid stations on the course. I chose to take one because the sports drink the Nike Marathon gave out Nuun on the course. Since I had never tried it, I wanted to stick with what I knew best which is Gatorade.

The water bottle that I use is the Nathan Quick Draw Plus Handheld. I had previously tried a water belt so my hands could be free, but I didn’t like dealing with the bouncing of the belt on my waist. This bottle is great because it has a strap for your hand, plus an attached zippered pouch. I kept some fuel in there along with some kleenex, and an extra hair tie.



Again, it’s up to you if you want to bring fuel as most course give you gel along the way. I chose to bring mine, because again I know what my stomach can handle on a long run. I prefer to eat the gummy types of fuel as opposed to the gels. I am not a fan of those at all. Some things that I’ve tried as fuel that I like are Jelly Belly Sport Fuel, Sharkies, Gu Chomps, and Clif Shot Bloks. For the marathon, I took a variety of these fuels with me so I could change it up. Normally for a half marathon though, I would only take one packet of them.


One thing I could not be without during my run was chapstick. I kept that in my back pocket of my shorts along with some kleenex. The kleenex in my waistband pocket was not the best idea I ever had because my mid-race, they were totally soaked with sweat.

In addition to the items I carried, my husband had some “extra emergency” items in a backpack. An extra tank top in case I was super sweaty and got cold, some pretzels in case I needed sodium, and a small medical kit with bandaids and blister pads.

If you’re really running a marathon for a PR or you don’t want to be weighed down by extra stuff, you can avoid bringing all of this stuff together. Aid stations are stocked aplenty at races with water and medical supplies. Personally, I felt like it was a little security blanket having some of the items I knew worked for know what they say, never try anything new on race day!


What items do you take on long runs with you?

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