Things I’m loving On Friday

I have always enjoyed watching monthly favorite videos on Youtube. It’s always interesting to see what items other people have really been into the past month. A lot of the time I get good recommendations from them on new items to try. Just what I need, another excuse to go shopping!

Rather than have to wait until the end of each month for favorites, here are some of my current things that I’ve been loving lately!

  • Statement Necklaces 

necklaces copy

As a former pageant girl, I love anything that has rhinestones on it. I kinda wish it was appropriate to wear cocktail dresses everyday with tons of beads all over it. But since that’s not my reality, I find any excuse to bring some sparkle and shine into my daily wardrobe. My mom recently bought me these 2 statement necklaces and I can’t get enough of them. I’ve worn them both alone and together, and they help complete my outfit perfectly. If you’re looking for some inexpensive statement necklaces to help dress up your wardrobe, check out It’s become my new go-to website for finding the perfect accessories!


The 2 for $22 sale on 3-wick candles at Bath and Body Works is a sale I will never pass up. It’s always a good time to stock up on candles for our home. I  fell in LOVE with this candle last year and I thought I re-purchased it this past fall. But that ended up being a different doughnut candle, which I was so disappointed about once I started burning it and realized it was not at all the scent I loved.  This past weekend I stocked up on this one and I look forward to burning it each night! It leaves this sweet aroma all throughout the house and really makes my kitchen smell like fresh donuts are baking. Not to mention, it’s nice to smell it and not worry about extra calories!


This bar is the perfect mix of salty and sweet. At 200 calories, this has been a great afternoon snack at work to hold me over until dinner time. I also keep one in my purse just in case I’m out and about and I start to get a little hungry. It really helps to satisfy a hunger craving and it’s easier to reach for this than some chocolate or a bag of chips!


Image Source: Bath and Body Works

Living in the Midwest has been brutal this winter season. With constant below zero temperatures, my skin has not been too happy with all the dryness that’s been happening. I can’t remember a time when my hands were so cracked and dry. This has been the only lotion that can cure my dry, cracked hands. I’m constantly putting it on..and the scent makes me feel like it’s spring time!

QUESTION // What products have you really been loving lately? 


  1. Whose channel do you enjoy watching? I have yet to get into the youtube craze, may be a little much for this old lady :)

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