PopSugar July

I seriously just love when my PopSugar Must Have Boxes come in the mail. It’s like getting a present every month in the mail! For any of you guys out there that have trouble shopping for your gf/wife/sister, I’d highly recommend getting them a subscription to this monthly box. The value of the box each month is almost always over $100 and it’s a great way to try out new brands and items that you might not otherwise get a chance to try




I always struggle with my current beach hat. When I pack it one time years ago, it lost its shape and never got back to its normal size. This hat has wire in it so you can adjust it accordingly. It’ll make a great piece to pack in your beach bag without worrying about it getting misshaped.


I think these salad servers are so much fun! I love a good chevron print and these are bold and colorful. These will make a good addition to my next cookout.


This is a sunscreen I have always seen when I’m at Ulta, but never picked it up to try. I like that this came with an aloe lotion as well because I often burn so this will be a nice and refreshing sip of moisture to put on my skin after a day in the sun.


I have a mason jar in my kitchen filled with printed straws and I couldn’t wait to put these in there! They add some pizazz to any drink.


Even though I love to workout, I’ve never really used a jump rope to work up a sweat. I’ve put this in my gym bag to use as a way to throw in some cardio burts when I’m lifting weights.


Coconut is one of those flavors that I am not a fan of. I did try these though and they were like thin french fries..but they were a fail for me and I did not like them at all.


This is a full size mascara that came as a bonus item. I haven’t tried it out yet as I have some other mascara I’m currently working my way through. But I can’t wait to try this out as I normally stick to my usual tried and true mascaras.


The value of this month’s box about $108. All of the items were a hit for me which is good since I probably would have never tried any of these items before. If you’re interested in getting a subscription,

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