My Travel Walking Pharmacy

If you’ve watched any of my previous videos, then you know that I’m the kind of girl that likes to ALWAYS be prepared. Whether it’s toting my Bridal Emergency Kit  with me as I fulfill my bridesmaid duties or carrying anything and everything inside my purse, I always have the essentials for those little emergencies that pop up. If my husband spills on himself, I’ve got my Tide stick to clean it right up. If I get a cranky hungry moment, I have a granola bar to make me happy again. If you have a mini emergency, then chances are I have something in one of my many Mary Poppins-ish bags to help you out.

In a few weeks my husband and I will be jetting off to Italy for 11 days. This is our first time heading to Europe and I’ve already started packing for this vacation. Well, actually I started about 3 months ago! One thing that always gets me a little worried when we go out of town is what if I get sick while we’re there? Have no fear, I’ve put together a travel walking pharmacy kit to take care of any minor medical mishaps that occur while we’re away. This is a great little bag to put together with essentials you may need for a headache, cut, upset tummy, or an oncoming feeling of the flu or a cold.

A walking pharmacy is really easy to put together. All you need is a small cosmetic bag and you can put in as much or little medicine as you think you might need. I tend to go overboard so that’s why I have a lot of essentials in my bag. All of these items you can purchase at a drugstore or Target in their travel aisle. Or, maybe you have a mini pharmacy in your own home that you can grab from.

This is a really essential bag that I keep put together not only for travel, but I keep inside my work bag too. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to take my allergy medicine and this bag has saved the day. It’s a great little bag that you can keep in lots of places from your car to a diaper bag or to just have around for your next road trip!



  1. Looking forward to your next travel video. I know you and Brandon are going to have a blast in Europe.

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