What’s in my carry on bag?

Since I’m leaving on a jet plane for Italy soon, packing my carry on bag has been one of the items on my to-do list. I’ve always been an antsy traveler that can’t sit still so packing a bag that has enough things in it to occupy me for more than 12 hours of traveling is a big task! For this vacation, I’m only taking a carry on bag and a carry on suitcase for all 11 days. YES, this is quite the challenge for the overpacked that I am. Because of this, I needed to allow some room in my carry on tote bag so I can put some of the goodies I know I’ll pick up shopping there!┬áHere’s a peek into what I’m taking into my carry one bag and I’m also showing you my all-time FAVORITE bag that I take with me every time I fly.

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