Popsugar Must Have Box :: September Edition

Taking a break from some of my travel recaps, it’s time for my favorite piece of monthly mail! I always look forward to getting this box in the mail, but was especially excited to get this month’s box since it waited a week for me while I was on vacation! It’s always easier to get back into real life mode after vacation when you have “presents” waiting for you at home!


Now that it’s fall, I LOVE to wear scarves! This is in a neutral gray color that will work with a lot of my clothes. And what a value this thing is too! I feel pretty fancy when I wear it :)


I’m always listening to music either when I’m running or at work, so these are great to add into my headphone repertoire.


I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn’t. It has a brownie taste at first but then the almonds kick in and while I love almonds, this whole combination just wasn’t working for me.


I always have flyaway hairs and am always willing to try a new hairspray. I didn’t find there to be anything extra special about this. It seemed to leave my hair sticky and have those hairspray stick straight chunks in it..know what I mean? This was a miss for me and I’ll be sticking to my Moroccan Oil Hair Spray for now.


Growing up I hated writing in pencils in school. But now I’ve learned to love them when I’m writing down things for blog planning since I often change my mind on what to post when! I’m also currently obsessed with anything black and gold so this is right up my alley!


I’m a sucker for a good piece of snail mail and I can’t wait to send one of these little notes in a present to one of my girlfriends.


Nike shorts are my favorite to run in so I’ll be putting this to good use.


I love chocolate and Ghiradelli to me is the best kind out these. This bag didn’t last one week in the pantry because they were so good! I love sea salt and I like to think that because it had almonds in it, that makes it somewhat healthy!



QUESTION // Do you get any subscription boxes? 


  1. Oh, I REALLY want to sign up for a Popsugar box! They seem like a really fun way to try new things (plus treat yourself a bit). Side note: I love Moroccan oil, but I had no clue there was hair spray? Is there a particular brand you use?

    • MrsBRich26 says:

      Popsugar is the best monthly box I have ever had. It is pricier than others but the value is almost always over $100. The hairspray I use is called Moroccan Oil Luminous Hair Spray medium hold and I get it at Beauty Brands..it makes your hair smell soooo good! :)

  2. How fun! I think I’m asking for the popsugar box for Christmas! In always jealous when I see yours.

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