Empties // What’s in my Beauty Trash?

Does anyone else have a closet or cabinet full of lots of makeup and skincare products that you just had to get because they were the latest and greatest thing? Yeah, that’s me. I have so much back stock of skincare, haircare and more lip products than I’ll ever use. I’m making a really good effort this year to stop buying excess of these things and really putting to use the things I have in my closet. It’s about quality over quantity, right?!

I mentioned in my last empties video┬áthat I’m trying the 365 Days of Empties that some other girls are doing on Instagram. I made sure at the start of the year that my empties bag was completely free of used up products so that I could get an accurate count over the year of the number of products I used up. So far this year, I’ve used up 39 products. Not too shabby if I say so myself!

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