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I know I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it, I have my own little crafty corner of the world in an Etsy shop. Wondering where the name BeeRich comes from? Well, my husband’s name is Brandon and everyone calls him B Rich. Since this was a small little business endeavor we’re embarking on together, the name BeeRich just kind of stuck with me since it’s a unique way to showcase our name.

I’ve been hard at work designing and creating new things and this is just the beginning of some exciting things to come! I’d love if you checked out my shop or follow me on my Etsy Facebook or Instagram where I’ll be sharing special sales and coupon codes too :)

Here’s just a peek at some of the things now available in my shop. I have some fun, new releases that will be unveiled each day as well for the next week and a half too!

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Donut Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Birthday Girl Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Sparkle Ring Bride Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Nautical Anchor Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- State Love Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Sparkle and Shine Pageant Shirt


  1. Cute items! Way to go on creating that Etsy shop!

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