Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon Recap

Some days you have good running days and others are bad ones. Yesterday was a bad one for me.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

I mentioned in my yearly goals post awhile back that I wanted to run this half marathon in 2 hours. That didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t even come close. I’m I bummed? Yeah I am. I’m really competitive with myself and I wanted to reach that goal so badly but some things came up that just got in the way of my goal.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

Starting with the night before the race. One of our dogs, Madison, has become petrified of thunderstorms. After an hour of sleep, I woke up to her pacing, panting and shaking in bed. My husband was out of town and he’s the dog whisperer who can calm her down but I had no luck. I tried everything I could to get her to go back to sleep but nothing helped. So we sat awake in bed waiting for the storms to pass. After all was said and done, I got about 3 hours of sleep #fail.

My next #fail moment came as I was driving to the race. It’s in Lincoln which is about 50 mins from our house. at 5:40 am, when I was about 10 minutes away, I realized I FORGOT MY RUNNING SHOES AT HOME. Way to go Ashley. Enter panic mode as I debated about driving back home, which I could have done, but I was worried about finding parking since I would arrive back just as the race was starting. Since it takes 45 minutes for all the pace groups to leave the start line I knew it was a possibility to make it back home but I didn’t want to risk it. Instead, I found the nearest 24 hour Walmart and bought a $22 pair of running shoes. Honestly, they weren’t horrible to run in. But I do have massive blisters all over my feet now.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

My final #fail moment came in the leading days up to the race. The forecast called for a high of 88 degrees and that is unseasonably high for this time of the year. I had prepared for it to be 30-40 degrees at the start which is the perfect race temperature for me. Instead it was 65 degrees with 80% humidity.

To those who don’t run, this may seem like an ideal running temperature but it’s not. When you run, your body thinks it’s 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside. I thought I would be able to push through it, but after 2 miles I felt my face on fire and decided to stop running with 2:10 pace group. I could tell I was already overheating so I stopped and took off my compression sleeves and decided that slow and steady wins the race.

Lincoln Half Marathon

I had to take way more walking breaks than I ever have before and honestly I thought about dropping out a few times because I just couldn’t handle the sun in the cloudless sky beating down on me. Could I have pushed myself to run a little bit more? Yeah I probably could. But, to me, my health and safety was more important than getting a PR today.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

While I’m still a little bummed over my performance, my husband reminded me that I finished and that’s the most important thing. At the expo on Saturday, I was talking to a woman who asked if I was running the full marathon. I respond with “No, just the half.” She looked me square in the eye and said “No, it’s not just a half, you’re running THE HALF!.” That really stuck with me as I ran today. If running 13.1 miles were easy, then everyone would do it.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

So, here’s to earning another medal and knowing that there are plant of more half marathons in the future where I can reach my goal.


  1. Way to go on running!! You finished a heck of a lot faster than I would have! :D

  2. Love the Gabby Douglas quote, and I am happy to see your optimism post-race! You had many things working against you, and instead of stopping/quitting you PREVAILED! Congratulations! Just put another race on your calendar :)
    Michelyn Cynthia

  3. Thanks for the post ashley! I’m running my first tri next weekend- thanks to your post I’m making sure I pack my running shoes!;)

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