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Today I enter my last year of being in my 20s! It’s hard to believe that next year I’ll be 30. I feel like it was just yesterday I was graduating from college.

Birthdays have and always will be a big deal to me. I still act like a 5 year old when it comes to presents because I love them so much! My mom always made sure that our birthdays were extra special growing up and I’ve kept that tradition up even as I’m an adult. I’ve tried to get my husband to believe that I get a birthday month and not just one day but he doesn’t really follow along with that idea.

Birthday Girl Shirt


Birthday Girl Shirt

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In honor of my 29th birthday, here are 29 facts about me.

1. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.

2. Growing up I competed in pageants. I was pretty shy prior to competing in them but they turned me into a chatterbox.

3. I wanted my name to be Sally growing up, after the Wee Sing video series I was obsessed with.

4. I have a teddy bear named Mr. Bear that I’ve had since I was little and I slept with it every night…even when I was in college.

5. My husband and I met through pageants.

6. Baton twirling was my sport growing up. I can twirl 2 fire batons.

7. Along with baton twirling, I was in an Irish Baton Corps and when I was the junior captain that made me the leprechaun mascot for the group. I would dress up as a leprechaun for parades and competitions.

8. My dad’s nickname for me as a kid was Burglar. I used to slip the Hello Kitty items on the shelves at the store into the side pockets of my stroller and my parents wouldn’t find them until they got home later.

9. My husband and I have 2 maltipoos, Giavanna and Madison. Giavanna we’ve had since she was a puppy and we adopted Madison from a local rescue group after she was saved from a puppy mill.

10. I took singing lessons growing up but I still can’t sing. My husband cringes when I try to serenade him.

11. I’ve never had a broken bone.

12. In high school, I used to match my purse color to my outfit everyday.

13. I love to run and have run 7 half marathons in the past 3.5 years.

14. If macaroni and cheese is on a menu at a restaurant, I have to try it.

15. Donuts are my favorite breakfast food.

16. I’ve traveled to 4 different countries.

17. I’m horrible at math. My husband tries to quiz me on it sometimes and I get mad and frustrated with him when he does.

18. Spelling was my favorite subject in school.

19. I have one older sister. We are 7 years apart.

20. I was also an ice skater as a kid. On my first car I got the license plate of ISK8DVA

21. Sweets are my biggest weakness. I’m a firm believer that you should have dessert everyday.

22. Husband and I dated long distance for 2 years while we were in college.

23. I love dogs and wish I could adopt and rescue all of the abandoned puppies in the world.

24. I hate rollercoasters.

25. In high school, I was captain of my poms square for 2 years and got to perform at Walt Disney World my senior year.

26. My mom named me after her favorite soap opera character, Ashley Abbott on Young and the Restless.

27. I can’t double dutch jump rope or do a french braid.

28. I’m afraid of the deep end of pools.


 Birthday Girl Shirt

   Birthday Girl Shirt

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Here’s to 29! Cheers!


  1. I can’t french braid or whistle!! Happy 29 to you!!

  2. Happy 29th Birthday! Just remember, age is just a number :)

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