Friday Favorites

Fri-yay! Let’s be real, I’m always excited about Friday when it comes around but I’m extra excited today because after today, I’m off of work for a week and half. Can I get a woo-hoo? The husband and I have been super swamped and busy lately with our full time jobs and doing our own business stuff at night so we are both really looking forward to a little time off as we’re leaving on vacation on Monday. We’re jetting off to London and Paris for 8 days and couldn’t be more excited to head off on another adventure and have some down-time together.

But, before I can get into vacation mode, let’s recap this last week and see what I’ve been loving lately!

  • Pure Barre 100 Club

Pure Barre has become my new favorite workout since I started taking classes back in December. On Wednesday I reached a big milestone and made it into the 100 club! I’ve taken that many classes the last 5 months and I was the 6th person at my studio to do so. I just love the workout, how it makes me feel and how it’s really made me more lean and toned than I ever was before. Here’s to reaching the 250 club next!

 Pure Barre 100 Club

Pure Barre 100 Club

  • Doggy Spaw Day

I love nothing more than picking my fur babies up from a day at the spas (aka the groomer). I treat my dogs like my children and these 2 princesses get their hair cut more than I do. Pretty lucky little girls if you ask me. I always love how soft they are when I pick them up and how good they smell.



  • Gossip Girl


Since we got rid of our cable a few months ago, I was looking for some Netflix shows that I could start to watch. Well Gossip Girl has become my newest addiction. I never watched it while it was on TV but I’m really getting into the series. I especially love all of the fashion that Serena and Blair wear.

QUESTION // What are you up to this holiday weekend?



  1. I loved watching Gossip Girl when it was on tv! Huge Chuck + Blair fan!

    Way to go on joining the PB 100 club! And have so much fun on vacation!!

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