How To Pattern Mix Your Wardrobe

One of the biggest fashion dilemmas I think working women face is how to look stylish and wear the latest trends while still looking work appropriate. You don’t always need a new piece in your wardrobe to look and feel great when going to the office. A big trend right now is pattern mixing and it’s easy to mix and match items in your closet to give your work outfit a fresh look. Here are a few tips on how to make the pattern mixing trend work for you and the office.

  • Stick to the basics

When pairing patterns together, I like to stick to a few basics. Stripes, polka dots, leopard and floral are my favorite ones to work with. Here’s a look that is nautical inspired and perfect for the summer. The blazer gives you a polished look but the polka dots and stripes add a bit of fun to this outfit.

Look 1

Look 1-Stick to the Basics

  1. Polka Dot Blazer 
  2. Blue Striped Shirt
  3. Blue Pants 
  4. Pearl Necklace 
  5. Gold Flats 


  • Choose a color theme

The key to looking put together with pattern mixing is to balance it out with a neutral color on the top or bottom. I love this look because the floral top adds some color to a neutral outfit. If you want to accessorize with a look that has pattern mixing, stick to a simple piece that accents a color in your outfit.

Look 2

Look 2-Color Theme


  1. Striped Blazer
  2. Floral Shirt
  3. Black Pants 
  4. Black Pants 
  5. Pink Pendant Necklace



  • Balance it out with a Neutral

With this look I wanted to celebrate the weather finally being warm out. I paired this sheer blouse with a pair of striped pants. Since the pants have a mostly neutral color, it was easy to pair the floral top with it. Sheer blouses are great to wear in the spring and summer because of their lightweight material and you can easily roll the sleeves up.

Look 3

Look 3-Balance with a Neutral

  1. Floral Blouse
  2. Striped Pants 
  3. Pink Tieks 
  • Don’t be afraid!

Try out different options by mixing and matching what’s in your closet. Don’t be afraid to try something new!






  1. Such cute outfits! You are great at this!

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