Where To Eat In Omaha During The College World Series

Ahhh, food. Omaha has a great restaurant scene. Did you know that the city has the most restaurants per capita than any other city in the US? You know what that means..endless possibilities for eating out. I’ve broken down my favorite places to eat by neighborhood and some of the dishes that you can’t miss out on while in town.

Where To Eat In Omaha

Downtown Omaha

In the downtown area, don’t miss heading over to Blatt Beer & Table across the street from TD Ameritrade. There’s a great rooftop that overlooks the stadium. Their burgers and especially their macaroni and cheese are must-eats.

Plank Seafood is another downtown favorite of mine. Everyday they have a great happy hour with drink and oyster specials and a special happy hour menu. Again, macaroni is my favorite there as well as the cheese curds and flatbread.

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Sullivan’s is a franchise steakhouse chain downtown that has some good steaks on the menu but I’m a big fan of their happy hour. Get the red-heeled martini and the cheesesteak egg rolls, you’ll thank me later :)



Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing is another great area located not far from downtown. There’s lots to do there including shopping, a great park area and live music on Thursday’s. A few of my favorites to eat there are Catina Laredo (Mexican) and Pana 88 (fast food Chinese). For a relaxing night on the patio, head to Brix where you can sample different wines.

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There’s also a new area called the Blackstone District which is just a bit west of Midtown Crossing. There’s a great wine bar called Corkscrew there and some other new foodie favorites including Mula (mexican) and Nite Owl (pub and grill).

Aksarben Village

If you’re craving Mexican, I highly suggest you take a trip on out to Voodoo Taco. They have some of the best tacos I’ve ever had there. While you’re out there, pick up some wine at Spirit World and pick up some dessert to go from Jones Brother’s Cupcakes. Down the street is also an Omaha staple, Petrow’s. It’s an old diner that has great comfort food and delicious milkshakes. A few blocks aways is also J Coco. It’s owned by a local chef and has really great food that’s a bit upscale but not at a super high price.


Hands down, the Dundee area is my favorite in town. It’s a cute, small neighborhood just northwest of downtown (about 5 mins away). You must try out Pitch Pizza for some of the best pizza ever. Mark’s Bistro has without a doubt the best macaroni and cheese ever (notice a trend with my food habits here). And also order the smoked chicken lasagna while you’re there. They also have an adorable little patio that’s a must-see. To top off your meal, head over to the local eCreamery and get the Shark Bait, a flavor that they showcased on Shark Tank. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a day when they have salted caramel, do not pass it up!

West Omaha

To see even more of Omaha, head out to the west side of town and check out Salt 88. It’s on my favorites and they have a great patio that overlooks a golf course. Get a sangria and some of the rangoon and enjoy a relaxing night out! Another favorite of mine is Louie’s Wine Dive. They also have great sangria there, some great dinner options and round out the night with their chocolate chip cookie in a skillet!

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Fast Food

If there’s one thing you eat as fast food while in town, try out the local Runza. If you want a quick bite to eat, head over to Pickleman’s in downtown. It may be a bit hot but they have a great grilled cheese and tomato soup. My other favorite is the Ethnic Sandwich Shop. I always get garlic bread, meatballs and alfredo pasta when I go there. It’s a do-not-miss spot to eat while you’re in town.

I’m hungry just thinking about all of these foods now! Enjoy Omaha CWS fans and I hope you get to enjoy some of the great food in town!



  1. Great recommendations! Now I’m hungry! We should really grab dinner again sometime!

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