Guess Who’s Back..Back Again

*tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Yes friends, it’s me and I’m back! Before I get into anything, let me apologize for basically falling off the blogging bandwagon. I have no better excuse other than life happened. Over the past few months I had A LOT on my plate and at the end of the day something needed to take a temporary backseat and that was my little piece of the interwebs. I promise, I’m back and I have LOTS of fun things planned to share with all of you!

So you may be wondering, what exactly was I doing the past few months? Well, here’s a peek at what I was up to.

Work Work Work Everyday

I work full time so most of my week are spent there. Each day despite how busy I am, I make it a priority to workout so that means 5:30 am wake up calls for either a Pure Barre class or to get a run in. Then, it’s work all day until after work when my life got consumed by a few activities.

Etsy Shop

My little creative corner of the world has seriously kept me so busy! Just when I get orders out the door, more come pouring in. I also have been super fortunate to have some local boutiques reach out and sell some of my shirts in store! If you told me a year ago that I’d be a t-shirt designer one day I might have laughed at you. Truth is though I love thinking of new designs and bringing them to life in my little craft studio.

BeeRich Design


Volunteer Duties

I’m a member of my local Junior League and this year I was lucky enough to get placed onto a committee that puts on our annual tailgate themed fundraiser. I was in charge of the silent auction which meant that for about 3 months my life was consumed my securing donations, tracking items, organizing them and putting them into packages. My entire basement was filled with all of the donations and there were many late nights of working on getting thing in perfect shape with my fellow committee members. Our event was so much fun and was a HUGE success!

On top of that, the following weekend was a local scholarship pageant that my husband and I are the producers of. This meant script writing, lighting and music decisions, choreography and all that backstage behind the scenes stuff. We both LOVE doing production work and I LOVE getting the opportunity to give back to an organization that has had a huge impact on my life.

Wife Duties

As you can see, it was a full plate of things for me to do. On top of that, I help my husband with our photo and video business which means answering emails, fulfilling orders, and editing videos. And I still had to find time to take our pups on daily walks, make dinner, do laundry, take care of the house etc.

BeeRich Design

WHEW! I’m tired just thinking about everything that’s happened the past few months. Truth is, something had to go amidst all that busy-ness and I decided that writing a blog each night just wasn’t going to happen. That doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it all the time and how much I missed it!

But, have no fear! I’m BACK!! Life is still busy and my goal, for now, is to post 2-3 times per week. I haven’t decided exactly what days yet so stay tuned while I figure it out.

So thanks for sticking around and waiting for me friends. It feels great to be back!


  1. Uhm! Thinking you may have been busier than me with a newborn! Ha. Love everything that has been keeping you busy :)

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