Winter Essentials

Now that the holidays are here, it can only mean one thing for the weather outside which is that the snow and cold are on their way. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and I still have yet to find an appreciation for the snow and cold. While I really don’t like being cold and I’d much rather spend my winters soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere, here’s some of the essentials that have helped to make winter a little more bearable for me.

Winter Essentials


Electric Blanket :: I love putting an electric blanket on my bed each night to help warm it up before I snuggle into my bed and head to sleep. When the temperature gets below zero, you’ll also find me snuggled up on my couch in it. Both of my dogs LOVE to lay on it to keep warm too!

Shea Aloe Socks :: Since I workout a lot, my feet take some wear and tear to them. These socks not only help to keep my feet warm but they’re also so incredibly soft! Made with aloe and shea butter, pair these socks with some foot lotion and your feet will be as smooth as a baby! And, they come in the CUTEST designs!

Bath and Body Works Hand Cream :: Along with soft feet, a girl wants to have soft hands too! I tend to have super dry hands all year long and this hand cream is the only kind that will make them feel better.

Hunter Boots :: When it’s snowing and wet outside, you need a good pair of boots to help you out. Hunter Boots are the BEST  pair of boots that I’ve ever had. Made of rubber, so they won’t get soaked when they get wet, they’re also easy to wipe off any salt or dirt that gets on them. I also love the fleece sock inserts I have to help keep my feet even warmer. These boots are also practical because you can wear them in the spring when it’s raining out!

North Face Parka :: One thing I’ve had a lot of over the years is winter coats, and this jacket by North Face is by far the best one I’ve ever had. It’s insulated and has goose down feathers in it so it helps to keep you warm and the cold air out. I don’t even mind being outside in below zero weather because this coat keeps me so warm!

Teavana Tumbler :: I love drinking tea in the morning and this tumbler, which is made of stainless steel, keeps your beverage warm for up to 6 hours. A perfect staple for those super cold days when I need something warm to drink all day.

Blanket Scarves :: It goes without saying that blanket scarves are one of the best things ever made. They’re a staple in my winter wardrobe because they help keep me warm and I love adding one to an outfit.

Slippers :: I’ve never been a big fan of wearing socks, but I also ALWAYS have feet as cold as icicles so I need something on my feet to keep my toes warm. I love getting a pair of fun “house shoes” each year and I especially love wearing moccasins around the house. This plaid pair is so festive to wear this time of the year and the fur inside help keep my feet toasty.

QUESTION // What’s winter like where you live?


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