Zip Lining in Cabo with Cabo Adventures

One of my most favorite parts of going on vacation is having the opportunity to do activities I would never have had the chance to participate in. Swimming with dolphins, a Vespa tour through Florence, going to the French Open and a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower are just a few of the favorite things that we’ve done on our travels.




While I had planned on doing nothing but laying in the sun on our recent Mexico vacation, when I mentioned to the hubs a few of the activities I had found, he thought it would be fun to try a few of them. One of the activities we did was zip lining with Cabo Adventures. We had previously done this in Puerta Vallarta about 5 years ago with the same company and we had so much fun then that we wanted to experience it again.




Even though I have a fear of heights, zip lining seems to take the edge off of that fear for me, at least momentarily. One thing we loved about Cabo Adventures is not only how friendly and fun their staff is, but also how extremely safe they are with their zip lines. They use a double system which helps to ensure that you’re always safe.


Once we got to our zip lining site (about 45 minutes outside of Los Cabos), we got our gear on and rode a unimog up the mountains. From there, we zipped, slide and climbed our way up and down the mountains. There were the standard zip lines that we had done before that we were familiar and comfortable with. On this tour, there were also ones that we had not done before including a zip line that we got to ride on together, another zip line that you rode upside down, some rock climbing and rappelling and a tight rope across a river.


But, the biggest thrill came at the end when we got to ride the Superman zip line. Prior to going on vacation, I had read about it on the website which is advertised as the longest, fastest and tallest zip line in Mexico. Prior to getting there I was a little scared about it, but nothing could prepare me for when I first laid eyes on it. When we first arrived there in our bus, our driver stopped so we could see others gliding down it. I immediately started to feel sick to my stomach seeing how high up this zip line really was.


The entire tour I kept thinking about how that zip line was the only way down to the ground at the end and I was pretty scared to do it. Once we climbed to the top and waited our turn, I had to keep giving myself a pep talk about how I would be fine on it. Once it was my turn, the staff got me suited up and prepared to go which took a few minutes. And before I knew it, they pushed me off and I was on my way.

Photo Jan 05, 1 45 25 PM

I can’t even describe what fun it was going down this mile long zip line at 60 mph. It didn’t feel that fast and I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be. I felt like I was gliding along and I just took in the sites as the zipped past me. Another thing I love about this company is they take such great pictures of you on the tour, so of course since hubs himself is a photographer, we had to buy the pictures and the video of this adventure. To see the video, head over to my Facebook page. You’ll get a nice and up close view of my face as I headed down the zip line!

Photo Jan 03, 8 08 40 AM

And, perhaps one of the funniest things ever on our trip came early on in the week when we were looking at the brochure from Cabo Adventures. I looked down and noticed a picture of hubs and I! We had done quite a few excursions with them 2 years ago when we were in Cabo and they used our picture in this pamphlet! You know how you always sign those waivers for companies to use your photos? Well, I always thought they posed these photos or used stock footage. But, it looks like they use regular, ordinary people like us! And, for the record, I’m clearly struggling to ride that bike up a mountain!



  1. How fun! I love that you were featured in the pamphlet!!

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