Do’s & Don’ts of Disney Race Weekend

Here are some of my thoughts on the do’s and don’ts of a Disney Race Weekend!Do

  • Take a camera with you while running: There are lots of photo opportunities along the course so don’t miss out! While there are characters along the route, race photographers aren’t always there so make sure you have your camera or phone to take pictures with.
  • Call to receive discounted park tickets: We received a link and coupon code to purchase park tickets. Unfortunately, it gave you the option of buying a 2 day pass or more; there was no option for a 1 day pass which it was we needed. I called Disney Sports and we got tickets for the half the price which was totally worth it.
  • Pick up your tickets at a Disney Park: Since I pre-ordered tickets, we just needed to pick them up at Will Call so we did it at the Transportation Center before we headed to a park. The lines were SO LONG that day, we waited in line an hour just to pick up tickets. We wish we would have gone to the park to pick up (or if you needed to buy) tickets because once we got there, there were no lines there.
  • Get to the expo on the first day: We went in the late afternoon and walked right up to get our bibs and goodie bags. There was a small line to get into the official merchandise area but we waited about 3 minutes to get into that. I heard from others that the morning was CRAZY and long lines were everywhere. And by the second day, almost all of the official merchandise had been sold out. Seems like the afternoon on the first day is the best time to go.
  • Expect a PR: I was in an early corral, so if I really pushed myself I could have had a PR. A lot of women do this race as a first timer however and some just walk the whole route as well. If you’re in a later corral, there will be lots of walkers and first time runners which you’ll have to dodge. I saw videos of people unable to pass in spots because of other people blocking the narrow areas you run in. This race is a lot of fun so take advantage of the stops along the route and get your pictures taken too!
  • Expect race photos from the race photographer: I have never purchased race photos taken during the race because I didn’t like them. But I had planned on it from this race because it was such a once in a lifetime experience. With that said, I for once made it an effort so smile and wave at the cameras. I even stopped and had my photo in front of the castle, which I was so excited to see. Well, unfortunately, 2 weeks later there are NO PHOTOS tagged of me. I am extremely disappointed in this. It’s hard for me to believe there’s not one photo of me. I heard that it was hard for the photographer to tag some photos of certain color bibs which is unfortunate. I still keep checking the site everyday hoping there are photos but so far no luck. At least I had some photos from the race on my camera.
  • Walk around the park so much the day before: We did not plan out the day before the race very well. We just wanted to have fun and enjoy the day so before we knew it, it was almost 9pm, and we still had not had dinner! We had been up since 4:30 am too, ran a 5k and walked around 2 parks so we were quite tired. My legs were a bit sore race morning because of it, but I was there to have fun so I didn’t let it damper my day. If we had thought about it, I would have liked a little bit more sleep the night before but oh well!

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