Running Neccessities

I’m starting to pack for our weekend getaway to Florida. B and I are heading down to Disney World for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I first heard about this race 2 years ago and have wanted to run it ever since. I signed up for it in July and have been so excited about it ever since. I’m so looking forward to not only running around Disney World but enjoying the warm weather too :)

While I was packing, I thought it’d be fun to share what some of my running necessities are and also what my running day attire is going to consist of.

What I have to run with:
Water Bottle
I bought this running water bottle last summer before I ran the Rock N’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon. Obviously it was hot in Chicago in the middle of July and I wanted to make sure I stayed hydrated throughout the race. This is a great water bottle because it has a strap on it that also holds anything extra you want. This is a great alternative instead of wearing my running belt.
Headphones, Armband, iPhone
I always take my iPhone with me on a run in case I need it and I use the Nike + app on it to track my running. That app is my favorite because it tells me every half mile which helps me to know how much longer I have to do.
I only eat these on my long runs. I find them in the organic section at my food store and although they say they’re for kids, that doesn’t stop me from eating them. It’s basically like eating a sour patch’s a gummy with sugar on it. I tell myself that it’s healthy since it’s “organic.” Although it probably is just candy, I use it as fuel around my 8 mile mark.
I have a chronic runny I can go through a box of kleenex in a day so I can’t be without this for long.
I’m a huge lip gloss/lip balm/lipstick fanatic and find myself constantly reapplying something on my lips. Vaseline is my go to for my lips.
I’ve honestly never used this before. However, a few weeks ago on my long run, I started chafing on the back of my arm. I’m attributing it to my dry skin since it’s winter. I decided to pick up a small tube of this to carry with my just in case. I don’t want to have itchy skin the whole race!
What I’ll be wearing race day
Lululemon Run: Back on Track Tank
I love, love, love this tank top! I know it’s a bit pricey at $64, however I work out so often (6 times per week), so I like to invest in nice tops and shorts that will last awhile..and it helps that they’re super cute too! I love that this top is a fitted sports bra on top but the bottom is a loose, flowy material. It has a drawstring if I need to make it tighter and also has small openings on the side for some ventilation. I also love that it has a print on top.
Nike Shorts
These Nike Tempo Running Shorts are the only shorts I wear to work out in. They’re comfy and absorb sweat and they’re also loose fitting which is nice on a long run.
Asics Shoes
Asics are by far my favorite shoes for running. They’re comfy and a perfect fit for me. I also go up a half size in my running shoes to allow for room for my toes to move so they’re not cramped in them.
Lululemon socks
I love the socks I have from Lululemon because they have compression built into them and also have some padding as well.
For this race, I also made a fun zebra bow to wear in my hair in addition to a headband :)
What do you like to wear when you run and what are your must have necessities for a long run?

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