How To Use Velcro Rollers

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I have thick, naturally wavy hair. I’m trying to learn to embrace my natural waves for everyday wear but am still not totally loving it. If I just blow dry my hair and don’t style it, then I look like I’ve been struck by lightening with massive frizz everywhere. Obviously I can’t walk around looking like that so I either curl or straighten my hair which is quite the long and tedious process.

Over the years I’ve learned what works well for my hair and what doesn’t. One way that I love to style my hair is with velcro rollers. I love how it gives my hair a little bit of curl at the bottom but gives a ton of volume that lasts all day long. It doesn’t take long to do this so here’s a look at how I use velcro rollers in my hair.

What’s in my beauty trash?

It’s time for another empties video! I really love making these videos because I make such a conscious effort to use up the items I have in my makeup/skincare/haircare stash. One of my goals for this year is to not buy (as much) of these items so that instead I’m putting what I already have to good use and not letting it collect dust in a closet in my house. It’s so satisfying to put an empty bottle in that empties bag each time I finish one up.


Yearly Favorites :: Beauty

Normally at the beginning of the month you’d see my favorites from the past month. Since it’s the ending of one year and the beginning of another, I thought I’d share some of my all-time beauty favorites from the entire year. Here’s a recap of what were my all-time favorite, always reading for beauty products for 2014!

November Favorites

Happy December 1! I can’t believe Christmas is only 25 days away. It feels like 2014 has just flown by, but doesn’t every year feel like that? I love this time of the year and am counting down the days until Christmas so I can enjoy some time off, relax, see my family and of course, open presents!

Today I have the last of my monthly favorites for this year. Next month, I’ll be doing a mini-series on my all-time favorites from the past year. The items I mention in those videos will be categorized (i.e. foundation, concealer etc) and I’ll only mention something in a category if I REALLY love it..meaning if I have no favorite in that category then there will be no favorite. I’ll also have another video about my yearly lifestyle favorites (i.e. candles, fashion, food etc) so be on the look out for those at the end of this month and beginning of January!


Holiday Gift Guide :: Beauty Gifts For Her

I can hardly believe that it’s already time to start holiday shopping! With Christmas only 5 weeks away, it’s time to start getting gifts ready for under the tree. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing some gift guides with you all. I’m wanting to hit a few different gift guide groups including athletes/runners, the traveler, stocking stuffers, fashion and gifts for him.

First up today, gifts for the beauty lover in your life. I especially love to shop at Sephora and Ulta during the holidays because it’s the best time of the year to shop for beauty gifts. Both stores always have amazing value sets which means you can get great gifts for a great value. Or, if you’re like me, it’s a perfect time to try out some new products that you’ve had on your wish list for awhile.

Untitled #11

This is a great gift for any makeup lover. This train case is big and durable and has lots of compartments to organize your makeup.
A Clarisonic is an essential to have in your skincare routine. It gently exfoliates your skin to help keep it soft and glowing. I received one for Christmas a few years ago and I still use it regularly.
My husband bought me this a few years ago for Christmas and I love it! If you know someone who loves to get their nails done, this is a perfect gift for them. While doing gel nails might seem hard, this kit from Mally makes doing a gel manicure at home so easy.
This is a kit I also bought a few years ago and Sephora brings it back each year. I love this kit because it features all of the bestsellers at Sephora and it features items from a variety of different makeup categories. This to me is the essential makeup kit and I use mine as a travel/emergency touchup kit in my work bag.
I think getting your hair done is one of the most relaxing and pampering things a girl can do for herself. With this kit, you can do your own blowout at home and have great looking hair everyday!
6. Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner Timeless Beauty : $235
I’ve previously talked about how I love love love the Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner. This kit is a great all in one gift that includes not only the planner, in the most perfect leopard pattern might I add, but also includes some makeup to include in your new makeup bag.
I just love this Sephora Favorites line. Just like the Superstars kit above, there are a variety of other kits that feature select products or items that make up a collection. Since I’m a lip product junkie, I love that this kit features all different lip formulas and colors. I’m hoping Santa brings me this for Christmas!
Whenever I want to pamper myself with a spa night at home, I use one of the GlamGlow masks. While they are pricey face masks, this set is a great value because you get three different masks to try out in one package. But trust me, they’re totally worth it because your skin looks AMAZING afterwards!
Bobbi Brown has been one of my all-time favorite makeup artists. During the holidays, she always comes out with palettes that are so classy and beautiful. This is a palette that has been around for a few years and not only do I love the packaging, but these are great neutral shades that would be perfect in anyone’s makeup collection.
To me, Sigma brushes are the best ones to use. I have this kit that I use not only when I travel but on an everyday basis. This kit would be a great gift idea for someone just starting to get into makeup or for someone who travels a lot. It includes all of the essential brushes you need, plus the case it comes in doubles as a brush holder.
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QUESTION // What’s your favorite makeup item to shop for?

Disclaimer :: Some of the links above do contain affiliate links. All opinions and thoughts are my own :) 

Empties :: Products I’ve Used Up Lately

It’s time for another look into my trash and see what products I’ve used up again. A few makeup items have made their way into my trusty empties bag, and there’s a lot of skincare items this month too!

October Favorites

I’m back with another monthly favorites! I skipped last month because I was on vacation in September and didn’t get a chance to try out many new products. Have no fear though, I not only did some shopping this past month but I searched my makeup collection and have some rediscovered favorites. Enjoy!

August Favorites

Since I had so many new favorites last month, my newly discovered products and things that I’ve been using all month long is a little light this month. Have no fear though, I have done some makeup shopping this past week and am crossing my fingers that they make it into my next months’ favorites!

What’s In My Travel Toiletry Bag?

As a girl, I know it takes a lot of things to get ready in the morning. Pair that along with the fact that I pack everything and anything I might need in case of an emergency and you have a TON of stuff that I need to bring with me! Luckily, I’ve paired my travel toiletry bag down to the essentials, plus a few extra items just in case!

Products I’ve Used Up :: August 2014

My “beauty trash can” (aka a cute, old shopping bag) was filled to the brim with my latest products I’ve used up. This time around I have a wide variety of products from body, skincare to even a few makeup items!