CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

I’m always on a quest to find new makeup. One thing I have always struggled with is oily skin. In my previous skincare video, I talked about some products that I use to cleanse my face that help to combat my oily skin, but that’s always enough for me. Since my skin is sensitive, I need to find products that are oil-free and won’t break me out. This can be quite the hunt sometimes.

I recently found the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation at my local Walgreen’s and decided that since it said it was oil-free that it would be worth a shot to try it out. Check out my first impressions of it and what I thought about the foundation after wearing it all day.


Perfect Palette Tag

One makeup item that I’ve always loved is eyeshadow palettes. There’s a lot of reasons why I’ve always enjoyed buying them. For one, it’s a great way to try a lot of eyeshadows at once. And two, since you’re buying so many shadows, you’re getting a deal on getting so many eyeshadow colors at once. Having all of your shadows in one place also makes it easier when you’re traveling or putting a look together because all the shadows you could possibly need are in that palette.

I took a good look at my eyeshadow collection and did the Perfect Palette Tag. Take a look into my favorite (and not so favorite) eye shadow palettes!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette?

April Favorites

Well another month is over and you know what that means, time for some favorites! I don’t have a ton of favorites this month, but I do have a multiple of favorite hair products, lip colors and foundation. Check out my latest Youtube video to see what items I’ve been constantly reaching for this past month!

If you’re interested in any of the items I mention in my video, I have all of them saved on my handy, dandy luvocracy board as well!

Products Mentioned:

Products I’ve Used Up :: April Edition

Since I became an avid Youtube watcher a few years ago, watching empties videos have always made me really excited. First, I get excited for that person because when they have empties, it means that they’ve actually used up products! I feel like so often we all want to try the latest makeup item or newest skincare line but after a few uses, the item gets tossed into the back of your cabinet. Empties means you’re actually putting those products to use and not letting dust collect on them! I also love these videos because once you use a product up, you get a really good idea if you liked the product or not and whether or not the product lived up to what it claims to do.

I’ve been collating my own bag full of empties for about two months now and I was so excited when the bag got full! Check out my video and take a peek into my “beauty” trash!

I feel like I’ve gotten addicted to this now! I get so anxious when I’m near the end of a product now because there’s such a sense of satisfaction when I’m done with it and I get to throw it into the “empty” bag!

QUESTION // What products are you trying to use up in your makeup or skincare collection?

Friday Favorites: March

I can’t believe that March is almost over! I’m looking forward for April to come so it *hopefully* starts to get warmer out and spring finally makes its appearance and sticks around.

With the end of the month comes a list of products and things that I’ve been constantly using throughout the month. Take a look at my video to see what things I’ve been loving all month long!

If you are interested in any of the products that I mention in my video, check out my luvocracy board to see where you can get each of the items!

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My Current Skincare Routine

I have had my share of skincare issues over the years, including oily skin and breakouts. After experimenting with lots of different products over the years and consulting with my dermatologist, I finally have a routine down that keeps my skin issues under control. Watch my video to see what products are making a difference in my skincare routine!

What’s in my travel makeup bag?

I absolutely LOVE to travel, and with traveling comes learning how to be an efficient packer (6 pairs of shoes for 3 days is totally necessary!) I filmed my first Youtube video recently, so take a peek at what items I like to bring with when I travel!

If you’re interested in taking a sneak peek into my travel makeup bag, you can watch my video and see what things I love to travel with, or take a look at my Luvocracy board!

My First Popsugar Box

If you happen to know me, then you know that presents are a HUGE deal to me. I act like a 5 year old on Christmas morning when I get to open presents, and I believe that I get a full month worth of celebrating my birthday. Luckily, I have a husband who realizes how much I love getting and tearing apart presents on each holiday.

Two years ago when the whole subscription box frenzy began, my husband got me a yearly subscription to Birchbox for Valentine’s Day. I was so excited that I’d be getting a box in the mail each month. It was like a surprise present every month for me! To my disappointment though, Birchbox did not deliver on what I thought it was. I was under the impression that I’d be getting deluxe size samples in my box (hello cute mini sizes of products perfect for traveling!). What I instead got was a lot of foil packets and small perfume samples. Although I did have some good samples, I had hope that the boxes would get better, so when Valentine’s Day rolled around last year, he renewed my yearly subscription for it.

Another year has come and gone, and I got more disappointed with each box. I kept thinking this will be a good one this month, but that never happened. I loved the idea of having something come each month in the mail for me and I found another alternative that I had heard a lot about. Welcome the PopSugar Must Have box into my life!


I discovered this monthly subscription box from watching various videos on Youtube. I couldn’t believe some of the things in these boxes! Hardcover novels, snacky food like big bags of popcorn, scarves, DVDs, full size beauty was too good to be true!

While the price of the PopSugar box is more per month ($10/month vs.$39.95/month) I knew I had to give this one a shot because it certainly did not look like any month would disappoint. My husband even watched some of the videos and he was bummed out that we missed out on some of the great items in previous boxes!

My husband got me a 6 month subscription and I was so excited to come home and open my first box! I really got some great products that I’m excited to try out. I was impressed with the variety of the items in the box (each month includes a snack item, a makeup/beauty item, fashion item) and the fact that they were full size products. I definitely think this box over delivers!

I’m really looking forward to getting a box of these goodies each month in the mail…and hopefully talking my husband into buying me a yearly subscription. You know what they say, happy wife, happy life!

If you are interested in giving PopSugar Must Have box a try, check it out here!

QUESTION// Have you ever tried out a monthly subscription box? Which ones did you try?

Sephora VIB Haul

Shopping at Sephora is one of my favorite things to do. I love perusing their website in search of my favorite things from new lipsticks to adorable palettes to travel-friendly items. I had a few items on my shopping list and was anxiously awaiting the annual VIB 20% Off Sale. Here are some of the items that I snatched up for my collection!


Smashbox CC Cream // Sephora Formula X Nail Polish // Clarisonic Brush Head //

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick // Sugar Lip Trio

Smashbox CC Cream – I recently got a sample of this while I was in search of the perfect everyday foundation. I don’t like to wear anything heavy so I normally stayed with a tinted moisturizer or a powder. When I first tried out my sample, I fell in LOVE with it. For it being a CC cream, it has really good coverage. It stayed all day on my face, and best of all, it didn’t make my face oily at all. That paired with it’s skin benefits and SPF, I call this foundation a must have.

Sephora Formula X in New Exclamation – I am always on the hunt for good nail polishes. I really love getting shellac manicures but I don’t want to shell out the money every 2 weeks for a new coat of polish. This nail polish was very similar to a shellac manicure. I picked a light pink color that I thought would be a good neutral. I had it on my nails for a few days and had no chips in it and it stayed very shiny too throughout the wear of it.

Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Normal – I always wait for the sale to stock up on a brush head. At $25 each, the 20% off is a nice perk. And I can’t like without my Clarisonic so this was a must have.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Rose Gold – In the morning, my makeup routine takes me a whole 5 minutes so I’m always looking for products that help me get ready in a hurry. I’ve heard a lot about these eye sticks and am anxious to try one out.

Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio –  I am a total lip product junkie. I have approximately 15 different lip colors that sit on my desk at work.  I couldn’t pass up this lil lip trio. With 3 very wearable and sheer shades that are super moisturizing, this was a must have with the upcoming winter months.

Did you hit up the Sephora sale? What’s your favorite makeup item to shop for?

Makeup Monday: What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Perfecting my travel makeup bag has always been a struggle for me. I have some travel versions of my favorite items, but I always found myself throwing in my brushes, my favorite everyday makeup and foundation at the last minute before we left. Then I’d get frustrated when we got home, because I’d want my everyday makeup and I’d have to unpack it.
Since B and I travel a lot on the weekends, having a grab and go makeup bag has turned into a necessity for me. Since we can be gone back to back weekends, I needed something that can stay in my suitcase for the week until I pack again and I don’t have to unpack to get some of my everyday things.
Enter, my new and improved travel makeup bag filled with everything I need! It’s been hard finding travel sizes of my favorite things but here’s what I carry with me when we travel. I’m using a Vera Bradley makeup bag that is perfect for it because it has two inside mesh pockets and a large area in the middle where I can put different items (i.e. face, eyes, lips). It also has an outside pocket that holds some q-tips, bobby pins and extra hair ties. 
I feel like I owe this Sephora set I recently purchased the thanks for helping me complete my travel makeup bag. It has some great full size and deluxe size items I’ve always wanted to try but didn’t want to spend the money on for the full size for fear of me not liking it. I’ve tried out everything in it and absolutely love it!! 
Bare Escentuals Hydrating Bare Minerals Ready Foundation
For a powder foundation with the precision angle brush for application
Benefit Hello Gorgeous foundation
I received this in a small travel size from Sephora-perfect size!
NARS Tinted Moisturizer
Again, a travel size from Sephora. I like to have a variety of foundations with me because I never know what I’ll want to wear. 
Too Faced Concealer
The perfect, creamy concealer. I love it! 

Makeup Forever HD Powder
This came in a set from Sephora that I recently purchased.
Bobbi Brown Quad Palette
This is a palette that you buy and you can snap out what colors you want. I made mine with a blush, and three eyeshadows: a highlight shade, light brown and a dark brown. This doesn’t get a lot of love in my everyday makeup look so I thought it’d be a good basic to have with me when I travel

Sephora Eye Shadow Trio
From the Sephora Super Stars set.

Bobbi Brown Eye Liner

Stila Liquid Liner

Maybelline Mascara

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Lips & Cheeks
Nars Blush in Orgasm

Too Faced Bronzer in Pink Leopard

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

Laura Mercier Lip Gloss