Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Inspired. Motivated. 

Those 2 words perfectly sum up the way I felt after leaving Go Blog Social yesterday. It was 2 days packed of speakers with incredible stories, lots of tips on how to take your blog to the next level, and socializing and networking with other #girlboss bloggers and entrepreneurs. I’ve never felt more motivated or inspired to take both my blog and my Etsy business to the next level.


The event was held at the adorable Berg Event Space in downtown Kansas City. It was a quaint little space that was the perfect setting for collaborating and connecting with other like minded women. While it was a little bit scary going to a conference all by myself, I’m so so so glad that I took the time and money to invest in myself. This conference was what I needed to get the inspiration and confidence to turn my “I want to do this…” into “I am going to do this” and bringing some of my dreams to reality.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Over the 2 days, I took over 15 pages of notes. Maybe that means I’m an overachiever but it’s more like I received so much important information that I didn’t want to forget a beat of it once I got back home. While we heard from 8 different speakers on a variety of topics, the biggest theme overall from everyone was to be authentic and don’t the let fear of failure get in the way of your dreams.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Finding Your Voice – Alissa Circle CEO Pollinate Media

If something isn’t comfortable then you’re not growing. As a fellow #girlboss herself, Alissa shared the evolution of her small Etsy shop and blog into Pollinate Media, an influencer group that is rooted in the power of authenticity and peer recommendation. She spoke about finding your voice and how to embrace your originality. Find what you are passionate about and tell your story. Don’t sacrifice your authenticity – if you don’t love something then don’t talk about it. She also talked about finding a work/life balance and she said it doesn’t exist. Amen sister. In a crazy and hectic world, everyone wants to have it all and be able to balance everything. She shared some useful tips on how to find balance by taking time for yourself : read a book, workout, set daily office hours, hire a business coach. And she ended on one the best quotes I have ever heard that really has me motivated to get stuff done : take fear by the balls and make your dreams happen.

Creating Engagement through Authenticity – With Grace & Gold

This bubbly little best friend duo from Minneapolis (both who are originally from Wisconsin-woo hoo) have a boutique agency dedicated to creating branding for other small businesses. They shared why it’s important to be authentic because it will help you build a connection with your readers or client. Being real will help you to go above and beyond and stand out among others. Authenticity will ultimately help you be transparent and make you honest, genuine, relatable and most important show others that you’re human too.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

How To Get National Awareness For Your Blog – Alea Lovely

As a blogger turned wedding photographer who had a blog post go viral overnight, Alea shared some real tips on how to get your blog showcased on a national level. You have to ask for what you want because many opportunities are lost because people don’t ask. The fear of failure holds us back so say what you want and commit to it.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

How To Use Your Blog To Create And Run A Business – One Little Mamma

Kylie started her blog to promote her original Etsy business which has now turned into Nickel and Suede, a hand-made leather accessory website. She talked about how to use blogging to promote your business. Great photos, networking and working with bloggers can helped to launch your product.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Using Twitter To Grow Your Blog And Business – Laurie Davis or eFlirtExpert

In a world of tons of social media channels, Laurie discussed how to use Twitter to grow your brand. When talking on Twitter, talk like you’re talking to your best friend. It makes you relatable. And remember to share those “me too” moments where people can see who you really are. This serves as a reminder to others that we’re human too and things aren’t always so perfect.

What Makes A Successful Blogger/Business Relationship – Landon & Meggan of Lily Jade

This inspiring husband/wife team created a designer diaper bag line that exploded through the power of social media. Not only are they the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet but they shared real insight on how to pitch and communicate with a business and creatively collaborate with brands.

.Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Growing Your Following And Gaining Recognition – Callie England CEO of Rawxies

A blogger turned mainstream health foods CEO, Callie shared how her business of Rawxies came to be. She had cushiness disease her whole life and after being tired of endless shots and doctors’ appointments, she visited a natural health doctor who changed her diet and that was the end of her weekly shots for her disease. She wanted to educated others on a lifestyle that changed her life so she created a mainstream whole foods company. I loved hearing her story and how she is turning her product into a lifestyle brand. In a world of eating junk food, it was refreshing to hear how passionate she was about healthy eating.

Building A Blogging Community – Mandy of SugarBee Crafts

Bloggers need to work together because we’re not alone in this business and together we can grow a community. Mandy shared the importance of creating a blog tribe to get support and encouragement and share knowledge with other like minded women. She gave some great practical tips on how to do this by getting yourself out there and finding guest post opportunities and finding link parties to collaborate with others. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone so time to get out there!

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

What To Do After You Book A Campaign -Enza’s Bargains

Enza shared the practical how to’s of what to do when dealing with PR reps and how to make sure you keep scoring campaigns to work on. Remember to under promise and over deliver. If they ask for 3 social mentions, then do 5.

Special thanks goes to the entire Go Blog Social team, Kathryn, Sarah, Katelyn and Samantha for putting on such an incredible event. It’s so great to have a conference like this in the midwest and I’m looking forward to next year’s Go Blog Social.



What’s In My Blog Conference Bag?

A few weeks ago I talked about how I attended my first blog conference down in Kansas City. As with any day trip, that meant I needed to pack a bag full of necessities and goodies to get me through the day. Here’s what I brought along for my jam-packed #GirlBoss day.

What's in my blog conference bag?

Laptop // I didn’t want to miss any of the action when it came to learning so I brought my laptop to take notes. I’m known for taking copious amounts of notes and I can type much faster than I can write. I also like using my laptop because it makes it much easier for me to organize my thoughts and notes by copying and pasteing. I did see a number of girls using their ipads to take notes which I’ve since invested in a keyboard for mine. While I love my laptop, I don’t like lugging that big thing around. I took my keyboard and ipad with me to Palm Springs last weekend and it worked great for me while we were on the go.

Notebook // While I did type my notes, I always havea notebook with me just in case. I love this little padfolio that I got from Target..in fact I have them in multiple colors and use them for a variety of reasons. The front of it is a clipboard and when you open it up, there’s a legal sized notepad on one side and a folder on the other. This was perfect for holding handouts and business cards I accumulated during the day.

Emergency Kit // Since I’m the girl that needs to be prepared for any type of situaton, I had my mini emergency kit wth me. Tide stick, hand santizer, nail clippers..I’m prepared for anything!

Water Bottle // One thing I have with me anywhere I go is a water bottle. This small Nalgene is my go-to travel water botte. Small enough to easily fit into my bag and it won’t spill.

Wallet // A self-explanatory one. Needed my id, credit cards an some cash!

Reusable Shopping Bag // I brought this along n cse we got any big swag that wouldn’t fit into my bag.

Kleenex/mints //Absolute neccessities so you don’t have bad breath and in case you have a sniffly nose. Or in my case, since I spill a lot, kleenex can act as a good paper towel!

Cell charger + portable cell charger // When you are at a conference that focuses on blogging and social meda, you will definitely be using your hashtags and posting all day long. It’s always a smart idea to carry your charger and a battery backup just in case.

Buisness Cards // Since I was going to be netwoking and meeting new people, I had plenty of business cards to pass out. I love this little wallet I picked up frm Target to carry them in.

Proein Bar // Because nobody lies being around someone who is hangry.

DSLR // Since I’m trying to becom a better photographer, I take my DSLR with me anywhere I get the chance so I can practice.


What's in my blog conference bag?






Go Blog Social

On Sunday, I traveled down to Kansas City to attend the Go Blog Social Workshop. This was my first blogging workshop I’ve ever attended and I was really looking forward to learning more about how to make my blog the best it can be and to networking and meeting new friends. I left the day feeling motivated and inspired to making my blog even better.

Go Blog Social Workshop

Go Blog Social Workshop

Go Blog Social Workshop

I woke up bright and early to make the 3 hour drive down there. The event was held at the River Event Market Place that’s just outside of downtown. It’s a really cute and cozy event space which made for the perfect setting for the workshop. And can we go over what an AMAZING swagbag the GBS crew gave each attendee? There were so many awesome items in it, including a beautiful Kendra Scott bracelet.


The day kicked off with a talk from Tobe Reed of Because it’s Awesome. Not only is Tobe one of Popsugar’s top 25 interior bloggers, but she’s also the Creative Director at Hallmark. She shared with us her blogging journey and things to keep in mind when creating your brand. One thing that really stuck with me is when she discussed getting yourself out there. Blogging really comes down to what you know and can share with others. Try to find unique ways to collaborate and always be brave when doing so.

Go Blog Social Workshop

After that, we had a series of 3 breakout sessions. My first session was by Sam and Emily of Stylesque. This adorable and fashionable duo shared about how they started their styling business. They shared about how the elements of design make up a photo shoot production and how to pitch an idea to a client. I especially loved their “styling emergency kit” tools they shared with us since I’m a girl that always likes to be prepared. We even got to try out our own hands at styling photos with an assortment of home décor and office items they had available.

Go Blog Social Workshop

Go Blog Social Workshop

My second breakout session was with Ivy of Wakeup for Makeup. She shared all about how to start a Youtube channel and what tools you’ll need to do so. Even though I already have a Youtube channel, I learned some tips and tricks on how to make my channel better. Savanah also showed us her filming setup and that got me to thinking what lights and backdrops I would like to add to my little basement filming studio. I’m sure my husband will love that idea when I ask him to buy me some new lights for it  :)

Go Blog Social Workshop

The last breakout session I attended was with Ashley of The Blog Salon. Ashley is spunky and energetic and shared her knowledge of basic HTML tips for our blog design. As someone who knows nothing about code, I found this session extremely helpful. She made us some cheat sheets on quick HTML tips and things to consider when designing your blog.

Go Blog Social Workshop

Our day ended with a keynote from Morgan and Carrie of Ampersand Studio. I absolutely loved listening to them talk because they were so real. They shared the ups and downs of how they got to where they are now. They have worked on some incredible collaborations with HUGE brands including West Elm. My biggest takeaway from them was to just do it. When it comes to working with brands and creating partnerships, take risks and ask for what you want because if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. I especially loved the message and slide they ended with : We are all living our own adventure. Seriously, they are such an inspiring duo and I’m so glad I got to learn from some of the best in the business.

Photo Feb 22, 5 03 47 PM

While each speaker shared their own journey and ideas, I think the day can be best described with these ::

 Trust your gut. Be authentic. Try things. Be yourself.

I’m so glad I decided to make the trek down to Kansas City to attend the workshop. I’m really looking forward to the 2-day conference in April. If you’re interested in attending, there are still tickets available.

QUESTION // Have you ever attended a blog conference? Did you find it valuable to you and your blog?