Spin! Neopolitan Pizza

Last week I had the opportunity along with some other local bloggers to check out Spin! Neopolitan Pizza. It was a great night chatting with other bloggers and tasking some delicious pizza! As the carb-loving Italian that I am, pizza is one of my favorite foods and I’m so glad I had the chance to try it out. It looks like this will become a new date night spot for me the hubs!

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

Curious why a pizza place would be called Spin? Well, the founders of Spin! love to ride bicycles and wanted to bring the Italian spirit of hanging out with friends, eating pizza and drinking wine to life here. To ride in Italian means “giro” which also means spin and Neopolitan means “originating in the city of Naples, Italy.” Get it now?  Spin! is a fast casual restaurant which means that in less than 12 minutes (faster at lunch time) you get your pizza delivered to your table after ordering at the counter.

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

We got to try so many delicious foods that it’s hard to decide what I liked the best. To me, any great pizza dinner starts off with a salad and we got to try the Caesar, Sonoma and Greek salads. Caesar salads are my absolute favorite and I devoured this one not only because of the shredded cheese but because of their-home made dressing on it too. YUM! And no pizza dinner is complete without some bread with it. They served us their flatbread which is their homemade pizza crust that’s hand tossed and made with their Spin! Original or rustic whole wheat dough. Then it’s roasted in their round stone oven.

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

When it came time for the pizza, there were so many options to choose from! My favorites included the Margherita and Primavera. They also had a gluten-free option which I tried and having never had anything gluten-free before, it was so yummy! Almost anything on their menu can be made gluten-free and they have a dairy-free cheese option for vegans as well.

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

And no meal isn’t complete without dessert of course! They have 12 different types of gelato available. Last fall I fell in love with gelato in Italy and this tasted just like how the Italians make it! I ordered the peanut butter cup and had no problem finishing every scoop in my cup!

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

They also have a great outdoor patio that will be a great way to enjoy the weather and delicious food. Patio dining is my favorite thing to do and I’m looking forward to taking the hubs back down there so we can enjoy it together!

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Spin! yet, check out their Grand Opening this Thursday May 7th from 4pm-6pm. Trust me, your stomach will thank me later for going. They also have some fun events planned for the summer including wine, pizza and art on the patio, a Pups on the Patio fundraiser for the Town and Country Humane Society, and they’ll be having Spin! Bike Rides on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

Spin Neopolitan Pizza

And lucky for you, I have a $25 gift card to giveaway to one lucky winner! Simply enter to win for a chance to win a gift card so you can try out Spin! Neopolitan Pizza for yourself!
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*Disclaimer :: This is a sponsored post by Spin! Neopolitan Pizza of Papillion. I received a gift card in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Plank Seafood Provisions :: A Night Out

Interesting little fact about me : I never really ate fish until I was 20 years old. My husband first introduced me to salmon on our first date when he came to Milwaukee to visit me on my fall break. With a funny look on my face, I wanted to impress my new boyfriend so I gave it a shot and since then I’ve been eating fish at least once a week. Up until then, this Wisconsin native thought that fish fries were the only fish around.

Photo Sep 25, 9 16 51 AM

Since I now love to eat fish, I was excited to meet up with some of the local Omaha Bloggers for a happy hour at Plank Seafood Provisions on Tuesday. What better way to end the work day with some fabulous ladies, yummy drinks and even better food!

Photo Sep 23, 5 02 59 PM

We got a small tasting of some of the items from their happy hour menu. My absolute favorite was the Baked Mac & Cheese. I consider this a main food group in my diet and this is among the BEST I’ve ever eaten!

Photo Sep 23, 5 20 36 PM

Salmon Crostini and Braised Beef Flatbread were also on the menu. Although I did just get back from vacation where I ate my weight in pizza, this flatbread was so yummy! It had some sea salt in it which has become one of my newest obsessions.

Photo Sep 23, 5 09 51 PM

Photo Sep 23, 5 12 45 PM

This was called Poutine which is a Canadian dish made with French fries and topped with brown gravy. These also had White Cheddar cheese curds on it so this Wisconsin girl was happy to indulge in them.

Photo Sep 23, 5 45 31 PM

And what’s a happy hour without some drinks? Lemonade is one of my favorite things to drink and this was a great spiked lemonade to sip on.

Photo Sep 23, 5 19 33 PM

I had a great time catching up with my local blogging ladies and trying out a new restaurant. I’m always up for a good date night happy hour and I know my husband and I will be frequenting here on our next after-work date!

And there’s more! On Monday, September 29 from 9 pm- 10 pm CST there will be a Plank Twitter Party and you have the chance to win gift cards to dine there! Here are the details of the Party :

Photo Sep 25, 9 16 53 AM

Party Details : Join the party on Twitter to learn more about Plank Seafood Provisions and answer questions to win prizes (winner drawn at random). But, YOU MUST RSVP! Head over to this website to register and then participate in the party on Monday to win.

When : Monday September 29 from 9pm – 10 pm CST

Hosts : @MomOnTheSide and @PlankSeafood

Panelists : Follow @momsgoodeats @momsavesmoney @herheartlandsoul@livingsunnylife @mrsbrich26 (me!)

Hashtag : #PlankSeafood

Prizes : (6) $15 Plank Seafood Provisions Gift Cards and (2) $50 Plank Seafood Provisions Gift Cards

*Disclaimer : Plank Seafood Provisions treated the Omaha Bloggers to this event. I was no compensated or required to post a review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Date Night :: War Horse

Not too long after we had our last date night, the hubs and I had another night out for the last musical in our season ticket package. True to form, we started the night out to dinner and we went to our absolute favorite restaurant downtown, Sullivan’s. This was actually the restaurant we ate at the night my husband proposed to me, so it has a special place in my heart :)


Since spring is finally here, we sat out on the patio for dinner. I love love love dining outside whenever I can. We spend so much time holed up inside during the winter that it’s so refreshing to sit outside with sunglasses on and enjoy a meal. While I waited for my husband to show up, I wasted no time ordering my favorite drink of all time and our favorite appetizer. They have a red heeled martini that has some raspberry vodka, lemon sour, lemon juice and Chambord in it. Not only is the name of it absolutely perfect for me and my shopping habits, but it’s rimmed with pink sugar. The result is a drink that tastes like kool-aid to me. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty to drink too :) Husband and I also always get an order of the cheesesteak egg rolls. I can’t even describe how amazing these are. If I could eat them everyday, I totally would!


We also love going to Sullivan’s because on Thursday nights they have half off martinis and we love ordering off their bar menu. Typically we split a Caesar salad (another favorite of ours) and a burger. And since I believe that no meal is complete without dessert, we got the lava brownie cake to top off our meal. True fact: the night my husband proposed to me, he wouldn’t let me order this dessert because he claimed he was so “full”. I complained for the next 20 minutes or so about how all I wanted was dessert. Little did I know he had to make us pass on dessert because our carriage ride (where he proposed) was coming soon. After I did say yes to him, I felt a little bad for meaning a little bit of a jerk over dessert..but he should know better to not mess with me and not give me dessert ;)


Once we were fully stuffed, it was time to head over to the theater to see War Horse. To be honest, I was not really looking forward to seeing this show. I had never heard of it and the name sounded unappealing to me. When we got to our seats and started to look at the playbill, we noticed these was no orchestra and that’s when we read it…a non-musical. At this point, I was really not looking forward to the show at all.


The basic storyline of the show is about a boy who gets a horse that eventually goes off to war (I know, best synopsis ever right). Since there were no songs, it made it hard for me to follow along. I much prefer shows that are lighthearted and have fun, bubbly, energetic songs that go along with it. The only thing I did enjoy about the show was the horse puppet. It was operated by numerous people and it was absolutely amazing to watch this puppy onstage. At times, it really looked and acted like a real horse.

war horse

Needless to say, this was one of my least favorite musicals I had ever seen. If you’re a history buff however, I think this would be right up your alley.

QUESTION // What fun date nights have you had lately?


Date Night: Sister Act the Musical

One of my favorite date nights to take with my husband is going to see a musical. Back in our early days of dating (nearly 8 years ago!), we would always look to see which musicals would be in town when we would get to see each other and over the years we have seen a lot of Broadway hits. Some of our favorites include Avenue Q, Wicked, Legally Blonde and Rock of Ages. Since we’ve become quite the lovers of the performing arts, each year we buy season tickets to all of the musicals that come to town. This year, the only one we really enjoyed so far was Book of Mormon..until last night when we saw Sister Act. I have been wanting to see this show for so long and it certainly did not disappoint!

The hubs and I always start our musical date nights off at dinner out on the town and last night we decided to go to Brix. We had only tried Brix back in the fall during Omaha Restaurant Week and we headed back there since we liked it so much.The hubs and I often use our musical date nights as an excuse to try out some new food places. Since we both love to eat, we always share plates too which makes for more deliciousness! Flatbread pizza is my newest obsession so we shared a Margherita flatbread (my favorite kind!). There’s just something about flatbread that makes it so much better than regular pizza! We also shared some salmon, veggies and potatoes. (True story-I had never tried salmon until my husband and I started dating and on our first date, he had me try it and I’ve loved it ever since!) The salmon was cedar planked which I had never had before. It had that smoky, grill taste but also had a bit of a sweetness to it too. I’m wondering if I could replicate it on our grill one summer night? Sadly, we were both so hungry that we devoured the salmon so no photo! And no date night is complete without dessert! Since we all know I have a major sweet tooth, we picked up dessert at Delice, we were off to the theater!


The story of Sister act pretty much followed the same storyline as the movie. I remember growing up and watching that movie all of the time…cue singing of “I will follow him…follow him wherever he may goooooo!” Although the plot of the show was predictable and I knew what would be coming next since I had seen the movie so many times, I really LOVED all of the songs in the show. I found myself tapping my feet and bouncing around in my seat to these tunes. And I really thought that all of the cast were the perfect fit for each character and they all really resembled those that were in the movie.

One of the things that I really love about musicals is not only the singing and dancing, but also the production aspect of it. Between costume changes and new sets, I love to see what’s coming next. My favorite part of Sister Act was the ending when all of the cast comes out in bedazzled costumes. There was even a HUGE sparkly Jesus statue on stage. I could only imagine if that’s what church really would have been like while I was growing up!

Overall, despite being a predictable show, the singing was absolutely incredible..I’m still singing the tunes the next day! If you get the chance to go see Sister Act, I highly recommend it!

Overall Grade: A

QUESTION :: Do you ever go see musicals? What is the best one you have ever seen?


Mary Poppins the Musical

For the past 5 years that the beau and I have been dating, one of our favorite date nights has been going to see musicals. I’m very lucky to have a guy that likes being cultured and attending such events. We try to go see every musical that comes to town. We’ve seen a multitude over the past handful of years. Up until now, my top three included Wicked, Legally Blonde and Avenue Q. Last week we had a “date night” and saw Mary Poppins…and now another has made it into the top spots in my mind.

Whenever we see a musical, I try not to look up anything about it because I like the surprise factor. I wasn’t sure what we’d see from this musical, considering it only has two songs that most people know. I was pleasantly surprised by how captivated I was by the production only a few minutes into it.

The stage, sets and props are absolutely incredible. Things pop up and come out of nowhere so you’re always wondering what will happen next. The cast was amazing..I really believed that they were the actual, original characters from the movie.

My favorite part of the show was when they sang “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” (ummm, did i spell that right?) This was such a fun number…and as a dancer I must say, this was the BEST dancing I’ve ever seen in a theatrical production. I really want to learn how to do this dance…

If it comes to your town, it’s a must see!

Date Night

Date night is one of my favorite things to do with my bf…we’ve both become so busy that it’s quite the rarity but we make time for it.

One of our best dates (and easiest to decide on) is dinner and a movie. We recently started going to ingredient down at Midtown Crossing. The bf got one of those groupon type deals from a radio station so we got a $50 for $25.

They have tons of choices at ingredient, and best of all, everything is fresh and organic. Both times we’ve gone, we go the “date night” special on saturday night which is salad, pizza, desert and drinks. The pizza has TONS of different delicious and healthy toppings to choose from. It’s gluten free pizza as well…which to be honest I was not sure how that would be, but you can’t even tell the difference. I highly recommend this place..casual and delicious!

As for a movie, we much rather watch a movie at home then go out. Unless I’m DYING to see a new movie in the theatre, I can wait till it comes on my Netflix. Plus, I love snuggling with my pup!

This weekend we watched Letters to Juliet. I’m a typical chick flick kinda girl and this movie was adorable..even the bf liked it!

It takes awhile for the story to get going, but it’s a cute love story that girls (and guys alike) will love!

Date Night…

Tonight was the first night in….oh man, I don’t even know how long, that B and I got to go out on a date. For the past two months, it’s been go to work, come home and do more work, then go to pageants on the weekends. Between all the traveling and work, we haven’t had any time to relax! Since we’re finally getting caught up on things at home, I decided it was most definitely for some time away from the house. I was so tired of staring at computer screens for 16 hours a day!

We headed down to Jazz on the Green tonight. It’s the ONLY one we could make this year! It’s one of our favorite things to do, but all the traveling this summer has interfered with it sadly :(
But, me, B and miss Giavanna headed down there. Thank goodness it wasn’t as humid today. We haven’t been down to Midtown Crossing yet and WOW! It’s a fabulous area. We are very anxious to try all the new restaurants down there. It was such a welcome to get out of the house and relax for once. We love to sit and people watch down there, and Miss Gia likes to make friends with EVERYONE that walks up.
I’m bummed that’s the only one we could go to this summer, but until next year!!