Empties :: What’s in my Beauty Trash #6?

It’s time for another round of peeking what’s in my beauty trash! It may sound a little odd, but I get a huge sense of accomplishment when I dig back through this bag to show you what I’ve used up. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m actually using up products and not wasting money by throwing them out.


Empties // What’s in my Beauty Trash?

Does anyone else have a closet or cabinet full of lots of makeup and skincare products that you just had to get because they were the latest and greatest thing? Yeah, that’s me. I have so much back stock of skincare, haircare and more lip products than I’ll ever use. I’m making a really good effort this year to stop buying excess of these things and really putting to use the things I have in my closet. It’s about quality over quantity, right?!

I mentioned in my last empties video that I’m trying the 365 Days of Empties that some other girls are doing on Instagram. I made sure at the start of the year that my empties bag was completely free of used up products so that I could get an accurate count over the year of the number of products I used up. So far this year, I’ve used up 39 products. Not too shabby if I say so myself!

What’s in my beauty trash?

It’s time for another empties video! I really love making these videos because I make such a conscious effort to use up the items I have in my makeup/skincare/haircare stash. One of my goals for this year is to not buy (as much) of these items so that instead I’m putting what I already have to good use and not letting it collect dust in a closet in my house. It’s so satisfying to put an empty bottle in that empties bag each time I finish one up.


Products I’ve Used Up :: August 2014

My “beauty trash can” (aka a cute, old shopping bag) was filled to the brim with my latest products I’ve used up. This time around I have a wide variety of products from body, skincare to even a few makeup items!

Products I’ve Used Up #2

I find it very gratifying when I finish my face wash or my shampoo. There’s something about throwing that empty bottle into my “beauty trash bag”. I feel like often times I buy products to “try them out” and after a few uses they get thrown into the back of my bathroom cabinet and forgotten about. Now that I’ve started doing empties videos, it’s given me a reason to actually put things to use and not let them collect dust!

So here’s my latest empties video. Many of the items are smaller in size, some are even sample sizes. But hey, using a product is using a product and at least I’m starting to learn to not let things go to waste!

QUESTION // Have you ever used up a product even though you knew from first trying it out that you didn’t like it?

Products I’ve Used Up :: April Edition

Since I became an avid Youtube watcher a few years ago, watching empties videos have always made me really excited. First, I get excited for that person because when they have empties, it means that they’ve actually used up products! I feel like so often we all want to try the latest makeup item or newest skincare line but after a few uses, the item gets tossed into the back of your cabinet. Empties means you’re actually putting those products to use and not letting dust collect on them! I also love these videos because once you use a product up, you get a really good idea if you liked the product or not and whether or not the product lived up to what it claims to do.

I’ve been collating my own bag full of empties for about two months now and I was so excited when the bag got full! Check out my video and take a peek into my “beauty” trash!

I feel like I’ve gotten addicted to this now! I get so anxious when I’m near the end of a product now because there’s such a sense of satisfaction when I’m done with it and I get to throw it into the “empty” bag!

QUESTION // What products are you trying to use up in your makeup or skincare collection?