Sparkle and Shine

Happy hump day! I hope the first half of the week has been off to a good start for all of you because it’s only downhill from here until the weekend! I’m really looking forward to this weekend not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, but also because the hubs and I have some fun things planned for the holiday :)

Today I just wanted to share with you all one of the newest items in my Etsy shop. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I opened my shop and was working on fun wine glasses. Well, now I’ve expanded my product line a little and am offering graphic t-shirts. This has been a 6 month project that my husband and I have been working on and I’m so excited to see my little idea come to life!

Sparkle and Shine T-shirt

Now, you’re probably wondering, Sparkle and Shine? What does that mean? This is a fun phrase that my mom has told me ever since I was little. While I was growing up I competed in a lot of different competitions from pageants to baton twirling to dance. Sparkle and shine was always a phrase that my mom told me for good luck before I went out to compete. Although I’m a grown adult now, my mom and I still say it to each other.

Sparkle and Shine T-shirt

Wearing graphic t-shirts has always been one of my favorite go-to outfits. I love that you can be comfy and casual in a fun graphic t-shirt with some jeans and converse sneakers or you can dress it up with your favorite heels, a blazer and statement necklace. I thought it was only appropriate to add my favorite saying to a shirt so that I could sport it around whenever I wanted to.

Sparkle and Shine T-shirt

I’m working on some other t-shirt designs that I’ll be releasing shortly so keep checking back in my shop to see my new designs. If you want a specific shirt made, let me know because I’m more than happy to do custom designs as well.

Friday Favs :: #8

Ahhh Friday, my favorite day of the week! The weather around here has been warming up nicely over the past week and let me tell you, it’s so nice not to have to deal with below zero temperatures the past few days! It’s been still chilly with highs in the 30s-40s but that feels like summer compared to last week’s weather! Let’s jump right into my Friday Favorites. I’ve got some really fun things to talk about today!

Friday Favorites

  • Cold Justice on TNT

A little shameless plug here but my dad is on the TV show Cold Justice on TNT and on tonight’s episode he is one of the investigators. A little background here, my dad is a retired Homicide Detective and he lends his expertise to the show Cold Justice on TNT. Cold Justice is a show that goes back to cold case crimes that were never solved and through the help of local law enforcement and expert investigators, like my dad, they try to solve the case. My dad is incredibly smart when it comes to dealing with homicides and criminals and it’s a little bit fun to have a mini-celebrity in the family. Tonight’s episode is on at 7pm Central time. Here’s a little clip of a TV special my dad was on with John Walsh recapping some of the cases he’s worked on with the show. Fast forward to 11:55 so you can see my daddy :)

  • Etsy shop

I’m so excited to announce that I started my own Etsy shop!!! I always tell my husband business ideas I have and I’m elated that I’m finally seeing some of my ideas coming to life. Being a business owner is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’ve really learned the value of being your own boss from my husband since he also runs a photo and video business in addition to his full-time job. I know that this is going to take a lot of free time away from me but I really enjoy what I’m making and when you love what you’re doing, that’s not considered work, right? I really hope this is the start of something much bigger for me..and my husband who has been so generously helping me out with everything! We have some other super exciting products that we’ve been working our tails off on each night and I am bursting at the seams to start selling them. I’ll let you all know soon when those items are posted :)

Sparkle & Wine Glass

Monogram polka dot wine glass

  • Starbucks Alice & Olivia Mug

I’m a sucker for a cute water bottle or mug and I had to snatch this limited edition Starbucks mug the second I saw it last week. Last year I bought the original Alice and Olivia mug they came out with, and I was beyond bummed when I was cleaning it a few months ago, dropped it and shattered it everywhere. Thank goodness this little mug is making me a little bit happier when I drink my tea in the morning :)

Starbucks Alice & Olivia Mug