2015 :: Year In Review

Cheers to another year! 2015 was quite a busy and successful year for us. From travel adventures to new ventures, we kept busy most days of the year. At the end of the year, I always love looking back and seeing what exciting things we did the past year. Here are some of the highlights of 2015 for us.

I kicked off the New Year by opening my own Etsy shop! It’s been a labor of love to be able to share my creativity and make such fun and adorable items. While it takes up a lot of my time these days, I couldn’t be happier having a hobby that I really love.

BeeRich Design

In Fitness, the hubs and I both ran Trek up the Tower for the second year in February and I ran my 7th half marathon.

Lincoln Half Marathon 2015

In travel, we headed to Vegas in July and in February we took a mini winter getaway to Palm Springs for some sun and golfing. I also traveled down to Kansas City a couple of times to attend my first blog conference and workshop. What an inspiring experience that was to be able to be around other ladies who are just as passionate about building their own dreams and being a #girlboss.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Hubs and I had our second wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we headed to London and Paris. Afternoon tea, a photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower and the French Open were just a few of the highlights. I love having a husband who loves to travel as much as I do.

Paris Photo Shoot



Paris :: Day 3London :: Day 1

I also spent much of the summer and fall dedicated to my Junior League committee. I was on a team that puts together one of our fundraisers and I spent many nights working away on our silent auction. On top of that, husband and I also were producers for a local pageant. If you didn’t know, the Mr. and I met through pageants so we have a big spot in our heart for them and we love being able to spend time together doing something that we love.

And when we weren’t busy working, we tried to make some time for fun including our monthly date nights to a musical and weekend dates on the golf course.

So that brings us to the new year! As a belated holiday present to ourselves and wanting some much needed rest and relaxation, we’re kicking off 2016 by heading to Cabo San Lucas  for the week. We went there 2 years ago for our honeymoon and it seemed like the perfect winter getaway for us.

Cheers to 2016!

How Do You Measure A Year? 2014 End of the Year Recap!

In the blink of an eye, another year has passed. It’s been another great year for #richpartyof2 and here are some of the highlights of 2014.



We kicked off 2014 in style as we sat courtside at the Creighton vs Marquette game. I was so excited to see my alma mater play ever since Creighton joined the Big East. Although we lost the game, I was the loudest cheering MU fan right behind the Creighton bench. We also traveled back to Milwaukee this month to see one of my longest childhood friends get married. We actually met at my very first pageant and have stayed friends since 1997! Miles traveled :: 1,198





We headed back to the upper Midwest to Chicago for my college besties’ wedding shower. Husband and I also did our first Trek up the Tower race where we ran up 40 flights of stairs. Miles traveled :: 948

Trek up the Tower




I headed down to Kansas City for the weekend for one of my pageant bestie’s bachelorette and wedding shower. The hubs and I also needed a getaway so we packed our bags and headed to our favorite tropical location, St. Maarten, for a long weekend. It was so nice to just lay in the sun and have nothing to worry about for a few days. Miles traveled :: 6,818





I traveled back to Milwaukee to judge the Miss St. Francis pageant. It was an honor to judge because it was the 50th anniversary for this local pageant. For those of you who don’t know, I competed in pageants for nearly 20 years and that’s how I met my husband too. Pageants will always have a special place in my heart. Miles traveled :: 1,112



May was a busy month for us! I ran my 6th half marathon, celebrated my 28th birthday and also our first wedding anniversary. To commemorate our one year as newlyweds, we headed down to Scottsdale, Arizona for a long weekend of relaxing. We laid in the sun, golfed, went shopping and ate and drank to our hearts content. I think heading somewhere for our anniversary may become a yearly tradition since we love to travel so much. We ended the month in Chicago as I was a bridesmaid in my college bestie’s wedding. Miles traveled :: 3,544

2014-05-04 09.38.16

Photo May 24, 11 52 32 AM

Photo May 24, 3 16 21 PM

Photo May 25, 9 52 07 PM

Photo May 31, 6 26 29 PM


Another wedding we headed to for one of my pageant besties. She had the most shabby chic barn wedding up in Fargo, North Dakota. I also became an auntie for the second time to my adorable niece, Isabella Marguerite. This month I also joined the Junior League in my town and have loved having the opportunity to do more volunteer work and also meet some new besties. I did 2 races this month : one was a 10k and the other was a 5k with the husbandMiles traveled :: 848

Photo Jul 26, 10 09 52 AM


Photo Jun 14, 6 43 00 PM

Photo Jun 14, 3 24 06 PM



We headed to the east coast together for a trip to NYC. Husband had a few days of meetings there so I tagged along and we went a couple of days early to take in some of the sights around the city that never sleeps. Miles traveled :: 5,215

Photo Jul 06, 5 49 56 PM

Photo Jul 07, 7 49 55 AM


I headed back to Milwaukee for a weekend of fun and play with my niece and nephew. At the end of the month, we headed down to Kansas City as I was a bridesmaid in my pageant bestie’s wedding. Interesting fact, just 8 years prior to this on the same weekend we were at Lake of the Ozarks together with our then boyfriends who are both now are our husbands. My how time flies! Miles traveled :: 1,402





We traveled for 11 days over to Europe on our whirlwind Italian vacation. We hit up Rome, Florence and Venice in what was one of the most amazing vacations ever. Miles traveled :: 12,125







A low key month, we headed back to Milwaukee for baby Isabella’s Baptism as I’m her godmother. I can’t get enough of this little cutie’s face! Miles traveled :: 1,198


A big birthday month in our house as the Mr. turned 30 this month. We didn’t do anything special other than dinner and I gave him 30 different presents throughout the day! We also traveled back to Milwaukee to celebrate Thanksgiving and we also ran in a Drumstick Dash 5k.. Miles traveled :: 1,198




A busy work month for both the husband and I, we traveled back to Milwaukee to celebrate Christmas with my family and a much needed few days off from work. Miles traveled :: 1,198



In total that’s 36,804 miles traveled as #richpartyof2 this year. We’ve had a fabulous year together with lots of memories made around the world. I can’t wait to see what adventures 2015 brings us!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite memory from 2014?

Things I’m Loving Friday #3

Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Happy weekend everyone! I’ve been so looking forward to this week being over. The past 2 weeks at work have been short for me since we’ve been traveling so working a full 5 days this week was a bit rough! I’m looking forward to sleeping in and having nothing to do this weekend! One thing on the agenda is maybe trying out a new workout class somewhere in town…but other than that, it’s me and my pups cuddling this weekend since the hubs is out of town. It’s a nice welcome to be home and have a free weekend because I’m getting over being sick so I’m sure there will be lots of rest involved this weekend!

I’ve had a few new things that I’ve been loving lately so let’s get started!


caramel bar

I’ve mentioned my love of the KIND Dark Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt bar before but this one with caramel is just AMAZING. It reminds me of a candy bar and I look forward to eating this as my mid-morning snack everyday now!


Lemonade is one of my favorite things to drink and when it’s paired with my favorite hot drink, green tea, it’s even better! I forgot how good this is since I pretty much have a love affair with Arizona Ice Tea’s Arnold Palmer’s. In fact I drink one everyday, that’s how much I love them! Last weekend I was in Chicago and fell back in love with this drink. I’ve been making a few more trips to Starbucks this week to enjoy this tasty drink, and now I’m trying to find a similar recipe to make for myself at home since it’s probably not the best idea to order one from Starbucks every single day.

oh joy

I’m a little late on this bandwagon, but after seeing a few Instagram photos of the adorable condiment carrier, I headed to Target and snatched a few things up! All of these items are so colorful and fun and I can’t wait to use them the next time we grill out!

  • My brand sparkling new niece!

My sister gave birth to a beautiful little peanut on Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited to be an aunt again! I love my nephew more than anything and having a little baby girl to spoil has been so dangerous! My sister did not find out the gender of the baby, so I was on pins and needles waiting to hear what she was going to have. When my mom texted me that she had a girl, I went right to Etsy and started ordering tons of things for her! Since my family lives out of state, I am so excited to find a weekend to go home to meet the little pumpkin but I am already so so so in love with her! I hope she loves leopard and sparkles as much as me!

Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend! What are you all up to this first weekend of June? 

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Well…we will add another addition to our NAM fam next year. Two weddings and now two babies!!

I am over the moon excited to let y’all know I’m going to be an auntie in the spring! My sister and her hubby are expecting. My family can not be anymore excited..with my mom and I being so anxious to meet the little one.

She finds out next month what the gender is of the baby and the suspense is killing me. Every time I go shopping I want to buy this lil snuggle bear things but everything is either pink or blue. There’s no in between colors these days.

So I’ll be waiting patiently until next month..


I’ve been meaning to write since the new year started. It was one of my New Year’s resolutions to start to blog on a more regular basis. But I started a new job immediately after the New Year and chaos was brought to my family this past week….

On Tuesday evening, I began seeing friend’s facebook status’ about keeping those in Haiti in mind. I saw on the news that there was a massive earthquake….later that night I received a call from my mom telling me that her cousin’s daughter (my second cousin) was down in Haiti on a mission trip and no one had heard from her yet.
At that moment, so many thoughts went through my head. I had a sleepless night worrying about Missy wondering if she was ok or if she was stuck in the rubble. Wednesday day and night went by and all of us were clinging onto hope and prayers that she would be ok.
Thursday morning we received word that Missy was ok and later that night she was back safe in the US.
It’s events like these, although tragic, that really make you sit back and realize how blessed you are. The problems and stress in my life seem like nothing compared to what those in Haiti are experiencing.
Please continue to pray for all those in Haiti. Missy was one of 6 that were rescued from her school and some are still missing. Please pray for all those affected and those there helping to save the country