Salt 88 :: Birthday Dinner Review

A few weeks ago for my birthday, husband and I headed out to try a new to us restaurant in town called Salt 88. We typically eat at the same restaurants all the time, so for my special day I wanted something new and a place that had a patio and Salt 88 fit the bill!

The patio at the restaurant is so nice. It overlooks a golf course and they have the most beautiful turquoise ghost chairs! I want them for my house they’re so chic and fabulous. Salt has a higher end vibe to it but everything on the menu was super affordable so I would put it in more of the mid-range for price.

Photo May 06, 7 03 33 PM

Photo May 06, 7 07 16 PM

We started off dinner with some drinks and appetizers. Can we just go over how cute my sangria is in this mason jar? I’m thinking I may need some mason jars added to my dinnerware collection. We snacked on the goat cheese rangoon which was pretty good overall. I’m not a big goat cheese fan but I didn’t notice much of the taste.


Photo May 06, 7 15 19 PM

Photo May 06, 7 29 37 PM

Photo May 06, 7 29 41 PMEach of our meals came with a salad. The husband chose a caesar salad which I wish I would have chosen. My salad was super small and there was nothing special about it. For the main course, the hubs got sirloin puttanesca which was very good. I opted to get the chicken terra. I typically don’t order grilled chicken out at a restaurant, but this came with wasabi gouda mashed potatoes which I really wanted to try since I think mashed potatoes are their own food group. It was really good chicken and the potatoes and spinach that came with it were also delicious. Again, I didn’t taste much of the wasabi or gouda in the mashed potatoes, but as a whole they were yummy.

Overall, it was a good birthday dinner. I’d give Salt 88 an A- for a grade. Some of the flavors I felt were lacking but having a nice patio and drinks totally made up for that. We’ll definitely be back there to eat!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite place to eat at? Do you eat out dinner a lot?


Tequila Tasting Dinner at Cantina Laredo

I absolutely love Mexican food. I mean what’s there not to love about it? Any meal that comes with chips and salsa is a fantastic reason to eat in my book!
I recently got to experience a Tequila Tasting Dinner at Cantina Laredo with some other Omaha Bloggers  and what a great experience it was! I have always wanted to attend a tasting dinner so I could experience drinks that were specifically paired with the dish to enhance the flavors. I have been to Cantina Laredo before and I love that it’s not like a normal Mexican restaurant. They have the typical Mexican food fare but with a twist including signature sauces.
Photo May 07, 8 17 01 PM
Cantina Laredo is bringing a tequila tasting dinner to town next month. You’ll get 4 courses paired with 4 drinks, all for under $50! I was honored to be invited to this tasting preview before the dinner happens next month. Each meal was paired with three different Don Julio tequilas: Blanco, Resposado and Anejo. Just like with wine, the older a tequila is, the better tasting it is. In fact, they have a shot of 1942 aged tequila that’s $80.
Here’s the information about the upcoming dinner. If you love Mexican and trying out new dishes, I highly, highly, highly recommend you attend!
When :: Friday, June 13
Where :: Cantina Laredo at Midtown Crossing
Time ::  Cocktail service at 7 :: Dinner at 7:30 pm
Cost :: $49.99 per person
What :: Sampling the tequilas by Don Julio :: Reservations are required (402) 345-6000 :: Gluten free and vegetarians are welcome – please state that in your reservation
Take a peek at all of the dishes you’ll get, again, for under $50! That’s 4 mixed drinks, a 4 course dinner, and 3 tequila tastings.
Course 1 :: Appetizer
Photo May 07, 6 06 51 PM
 Drink 1 was a Cosmolito. It’s pink and tasted there anything better than a cute drink?
Photo May 07, 6 18 17 PM
The appetizer was a Crab Avocado Chalupa. The crab was on a crunchy chalupa that was topped with a mango salsa, queso fresco chipotle aioli. It was just enough of a bite to get the meal started. They also weren’t too spicy either which is a win in my book!
Course 2 :: Salad
Drink 2 was a Mango Tequila Mojito. I will tell you I am not a fan of mojitos, but this did not taste like one at all! It was so refreshing, especially since it was 90 degrees that day! This was my favorite drink of the night.
Photo May 07, 6 53 35 PM
This salad was holy deliciousness! I am still craving this flavorful dish and wish I could recreate it! It was a Cranberry Pecan Salad that also had some Granny Smith Apples in it. The pecans had a toasted flavor and when those were paired with the apple and cranberry, it was just out of this world. I think this is the best salad I have ever had.
Course 3 :: Dinner
Photo May 07, 7 27 45 PM
Drink 3 was a Tengo Calor Margarita. There’s a jalapeño garnish on it too because this drink had cayenne pepper in it which gave it a kick! It was a spicy drink, but still good.
Photo May 07, 7 15 04 PM
There are 2 options for the main dish: Lamb Chops with Pistachio Pipian or Sea Bass Oscar. I chose the Sea Bass because I’ve never had it and am always looking for new fish to try. This fish was light, much like a cod. It also came with the most delicious cilantro lime rice and my favorite vegetable, asparagus. On top was a crab roasted jalapeño which was so delicious! I think that would make a fantastic appetizer. Overall, a really great dish that I want to eat again!
Course 4 :: Dessert
Photo May 07, 8 00 13 PM
Drink 4 was called a Hot Summer Never Ending. This was water muddled with cucumbers, jalapeño, tequila lime juice and triple sec. It was spicy drink and you could really taste the cucumbers in it. A bit spicy for my mild taste, but it was still refreshing on a hot night.
Photo May 07, 7 52 52 PM
Also refreshing was the sorbet trio. It was light and sweet and was the perfect way to end the meal!
This was such a fun event to attend not only because the food was absolutely incredible, but it’s also great to get to know new people in the area who also share blogging as a passion. This is going to be such fun event and you get so much food and drinks for such a great price!
Question // Have you ever been to a tasting dinner? And what’s your favorite Mexican food dish to eat?
Disclaimer :: This post is sponsored by Cantina Laredo and Midtown Crossing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Naturebox Unboxing :: Popsugar Must Have Box Edition

Last month in my Popsugar Must Have Box, one of the monthly items was a sample of a special Popsugar Must Have Snack Mix from Naturebox. They were offering a special half price promotion for Popsugar subscribers for your first box, and since I love a good snack, I thought this was worth a try.

I received my first box in the mail about a week and half after. To sum it up, there were some hits and there were some misses in my box. I wanted you all to see what I really thought about the box I received and filmed a little taste test for you.

Even though I didn’t love everything in my box, I’m going to still get next month’s box to see what new yummy treats I get. I got to pick out what snacks I wanted, so I’m hoping none of them will disappoint!

QUESTION // Have you ever gotten a Naturebox? If so, what’s your favorite snack you’ve received?

PopSugar Must Have Box April Edition

I was so excited to get my PopSugar box in the mail this month! I always look forward to getting these monthly subscription boxes in the mail because it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. I thought the box was heavy this month, and for some reason a heavy box=a good box of goodies to me!



BlueAvocado Eco Shopper $25

I think this is an adorable shopper that will come in handy any time I run to the grocery store, Target or the mall. It’s a green pouch that unzips to a reusable bag. I love that you can fold it up and zip it back makes it much easier to carry around in your purse for when you need it!

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette $36

I was so stinking excited to get this! I have the older version of this which is in a bulky box. I always take an eye shadow palette with me when I travel and since I love to travel, I’ve never taken my old version with me because of it’s size. This new version is smaller and in a tin which is perfect for my travel makeup bag. The only downside was that when my box arrived, one of the shadows was completely smashed and was all over the tin. I did contact PopSugar and they said they will send me a replacement for it. I know it’s not their fault but it was still a bummer.

Graphic Image Pocket Notes $20

This is an adorable little notebook that is perfect to keep in your purse where you can write down to do lists and reminders for yourself!

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap $10.50

I haven’t tried this soap out yet, but it’s sitting next to my kitchen sink and I can’t wait to start using it once my current soap is gone!

Fresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set $18

I wasn’t quite sure what this was at first. When I opened it up, these towels were absolutely huge! I’m still not sure what a tea towel is, so I’ve been using these as dish towels. This was my least favorite item in the box.

Naturebox Popsugar Must Have Mix $5

I’ve heard a lot about Naturebox so I was excited to see this in my box! It’s a trail mix which is perfect to keep at my desk at work for whenever I get hungry and need a snack. There was also a card in the box for PopSugar subscribers to receive a special Naturebox for half the price. I signed up and got my box in the mail earlier today. Once I do a taste test, I’ll report back.

The overall value for my  April box was $114.50. I’d say this month’s box was a hit. my favorite item is the Too Faced Palette and my least favorite was the tea towel set.

I’m a huge fan of getting this monthly subscription box and if you’re interested in getting one, you can get $5 with the code REFER 5 off your first box when you click on this link!

QUESTION // Do you get any monthly subscription boxes? 

New Favorite Snackies…

I am always on the hunt in the grocery store for new snacks to eat. It’s easy to get tired of eating the same ole snacks all the time. Here are some of my newest finds that I can’t stop munching on!

These are small star vanilla cookies with a yogurt coating. It has three flavors; blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. It first reminded me of a frosted animal cookie, but after you finish chewing, you have a tart after taste of yogurt. It’s a nice healthier alternative to the frosted animal crackers we always have around the house.
This looked like the perfect sweet and salty mix. It has pretzels, animal crackers, M & M’s, yogurt covered pretzel balls and raisins. I ate almost this whole tub by myself in only a few days…oops! I found myself digging for the yogurt covered pretzel balls. This was the first time I had ever tried anything covered in yogurt too…it’s gotten me hooked now!
While at Trader Joe’s, I was hunting for the yogurt pretzels in my snack mix above but this was the closest I could find something to it. These taste exactly like a white chocolate covered raisin!
Ever since I moved to Nebraska, I have been on the hunt for pretzel rolls. There’s a few places back in Wisconsin where you can get them and I absolutely love them. I’ve found pretzel loafs here but nothing like the rolls that I like using for my daily turkey sandwich lunch. When I found these at Trader Joe’s I was over the moon excited! Especially since I’ve been really getting tired of my same ole turkey sandwich on wheat bread. This was absolutely amazing…thank goodness Trader Joe’s is close to my house!

Cupcake Wars

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth. If I could, I would eat cupcakes, cookies and chocolate all day everyday. In fact, it’s my dream to one day open a cupcake cafe/bakery. I can only make cupcakes out of a box though..ha!

I also will tell you that I LOVE to wind down and watch tv…mindless tv at that. One of my new favorite shows is Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. It always makes me hungry when I watch it now!