Foodie Pen Pal

Did you ever have a pen pal growing up? I had few throughout my childhood. Some came from kids at another school that our grade would get paired up with, others were ones that I got paired up with through my subscription to American Girl magazine. I always really looked forward to getting something in the mail from them, and that’s something that hasn’t changed today! 

I still LOVE coming home after work to get the mail. But let’s be honest, most days it’s bills or junk mail that’s filling up my mailbox. I recently started ready the blog The Lean Green Bean for recipe tips and ideas and noticed that Lindsay, the blogger behind it, had a Foodie Pen Pal program to sign up for. Each month you sign up to be part of the program and at the beginning of the month you find out who your foodie pen pal will be. The two of you exchange foodie information such as likes/dislikes, dietary restrictions and food allergies. Then the fun begins and for $15 you find snacks that you think they’ll love and send them on their way to them.

Foodie Pen Pal

This was a fun treat to come home to especially since I never knew when it was going to arrive. My pen pal was from Seattle and here are the things she sent me:

  • Go Raw Sunflower Flax Snax
    • This snack was a miss for me. They were small. disc shaped, granola type of snack. There was something about the salty flavor that wasn’t appealing to me.
  • Vanilla Snakaroons
    • I was really looking forward to these but they were another miss for me. I loved the vanilla flavor but these seemed crumbly when I bit into them.
  • Boom Chicka Popcorn
    • This is my FAVORITE snack in the world! I have a bag of this at my desk at work and I always snack on it around 4pm each day. It’s a great way to enjoy popcorn and not feel so guilty about the calories since it’s only 35 calories per cup!
  • Theo Chocolate Bar
    • A new to me chocolate bar that is so delicious! I love anything with sea salt and especially love when chocolate is involved too. This has a salty taste but the almond adds a crunch to it too.
  • Homemade Nutty Granola
    • I love to eat granola bars but have never had a granola mix like this. I’m still trying to decide how I’ll use this in a recipe.

While not all of the snacks were a hit with me, it was still a lot of fun to get some surprise mail. I signed up for next month so I’m looking forward to seeing what other snacks make their way to my doorstep!

QUESTION // What snacks do you like to eat?