Gift Guide for the Bride

Spring time to me not only means warmer weather but it means the start of wedding season. If you’re in your 20s like me, then you know that from now until October you’ll have multiple weddings to attend for friends and family. And when you’re a female, that means buying engagement presents for your bestie, filling up your weekends by attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties and then dancing the night away at the wedding.

With so many wedding festivities to attend and so many gifts to buy, I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas to give the bride in your life. A lot of these items I got for my own wedding and I still cherish each of them to help me remember my special day.

Valentine’s Gift Guide

In just a few short weeks it’ll be Valentine’s Day! I can’t believe how fast January went by. It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and the holidays.

Since it’s time to get shopping for your loved ones, I’m sharing some of my favorite gift ideas for the girls and guys in your life. I’ve found that Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t necessarily about how much money you spend, it’s more about the thought and creativity that goes into it.

Gift Guide Personalized Gifts

One thing I can never get enough of, is anything with a monogram on it. I’m not sure what it is but I can never resist ordering something when it has an adorable cursive monogram stamp. I know that I have one too many pullover sweatshirt and water bottles with ARE printed on them, but I can’t help myself!

Recently Marley Lilly sent me a beautiful scarf as part of being in their Blogger Review Program. I’ve been a HUGE fan of this company for awhile. Not only do I have a number of monogrammed items from their website but I love browsing all of their new arrivals. They always have the cutest things from clothing to jewelry to home decor that can have a monogram added to it.

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf

When I opened up this package I was so excited to see this scarf. Since I live in the Midwest, I’m always in need of winter accessories to keep me warm. This scarf is so soft and feels almost like cashmere. I love that it’s in a dark gray color because it can go with a lot of things, including my red pea coat that I wear almost everyday. The other great thing about this scarf is that it’s not too bulky that it only has to be worn outside. You could easily pair this scarf with a sweater and wear it as part of your outfit too.

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf


Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf

I think this scarf, as well as anything monogrammed, would make the absolute perfect gift. Having a monogram on an item just shows that you’ve gone a little above and beyond to make something ordinary a little extra special for that person. I wish I could order EVERYTHING on the Marley Lilly website, but instead I’ll keep lusting over some of my favorite items below. Any of these would make a great holiday gift for your mom, sister or bestie in your life! Gift Guide Personalized Gifts

Glass Bead Bracelet :: $35
This bracelet looks so luxe and beautiful. It comes in a variety of different colored rhinestones and is the perfect accent piece to any outfit.
Monogrammed Ballet Flats :: $34.99
Ballet flats are pretty much the only shoes I ever wear. I love how the monogram on these dresses them up a little bit and makes them a little bit more personal than the normal shoe.
Glass Cutting Board :: $49.99

Cashmere Feel Scarf :: $22.99
There are so many options on how to personalize this scarf. Lots of different colors and prints to choose’s hard to make a decision on which one to get!
16 Oz. Tumbler :: $16.99
I always have a water bottle or tumbler with me. These are great to have because it keeps your beverage hot or cold and it doesn’t sweat and get everything wet!
Monogrammed Baseball Hat :: $24.99
These baseball hats are great not only for a bad hair day but also for those hot summer days that you spend by the pool.
Monogrammed Sunshine Satchel Duffel Bag :: $94.99
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! As a frequent traveler, this bag would make a great carry-on bag or as a weekender duffle.
Teardrop Stone Bracelet :: $29.99
Anything that has rhinestones on it makes me happy and this bracelet is no different! It’s small and dainty but the rhinestone adds some sparkle and shine to your outfit.
Luxe Cross Body Bag :: $36.99
These clutches come in a TON of different colors so you’re sure to find one that matches your next night out on the town outfit.
Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt :: $49.99
Since I don’t like to look like a total bum on days I’m not in the mood to get dressed, reaching for a monogrammed pullover is the best option. I have these in multiple colors and they’re so soft and cozy that I can’t get enough of them!
Disclaimer :: This post is sponsored by Marley Lilly as a part of their Blogger Review Program.. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Gift Guide :: Runners

Time is ticking fast and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your Christmas shop on! I’ve already shared a few of my favorite gift guides, and today I’m sharing some of my favorite running items. All of the items in this gift guide are perfect for the runner in your life or someone who likes to workout. Here’s a rundown of what are some great gifts to give the athlete in your life.

Class Passes

A lot of fitness enthusiasts often like to try out new classes. With so many fitness boutiques and studios across the country, there are endless possibilities on class passes. Two of my favorite classes are Pure Barre and Flywheel.

Gym Bag

Everyone needs a good gym bag to hold their workout essentials. My current bag is the Gaiam Everything Fits Bag and it can work for any type of workout. It’s large enough to hold your clothes and has a separate compartment for your shoes and can also hold a yoga mat.

Arm Band
So many people use arm bands to hold their phones while they workout so this is a great and inexpensive gift idea. Just remember to know what type of phone they have so you get the correct arm band.

Workout Clothes

I’m a firm believer that everyone feels better in a new outfit so why not get them a new pair of shorts to sport at the gym or a tank top. Both Nike and Target have some of my all-time favorite workout clothes.

Water Bottle Packs

If you know someone who is a long distance runner, getting a water pack is a great idea for their next training run or race. My favorite one that I have is the handheld water bottle. Another option for people who like to keep their hands free during a run is a hydration belt.

Running Watch

One of the best investments I made for running was my watch. I have a Garmin Forerunner 10 and it’s a great piece that helps to keep my training in check. Mine is a pretty basic watch that tracks your total distance and running pace but it’s worked great for all of my half marathons and even my full marathon.

Compression Socks or Sleeves

I think compression socks or sleeves make all the difference in your recovery after a race. I’ve worn a pair for every race I’ve done for the past few years and it really has shortened my recovery time. I recently received a pair of Pro Compression socks to try out and I couldn’t wait to give them a try on my latest race which was a Thanksgiving Drumstick Dash. Prior to this, I’ve only used compression sleeves and not socks. I was really glad I had these as socks this time because it was so cold for this morning race. With temperatures in the teens, I wore them underneath a pair of running tights. I haven’t run outside on concrete in awhile so after the race I was a little sore but I know that having the compression socks on made me less sore than I ever would have been without them. An added bonus was that they helped to keep my legs warm on this cold morning! I always though that compression socks would be too tight but I was completely wrong. These didn’t feel tight at all on my feet and were not only comfortable to wear on my run but are soft too!

Pro Compression socks have arch support which as any runner knows is an important quality to have in a pair of socks. They has lots of fun sock colors to choose from including a sock of the month which is a new sock every month that has a discount too!

Pro Compression Sleeves  Pro Compression Sleeves

Another way that I’ve used compression sleeves for is when I’m traveling. When I traveled to Italy back in September, I wore compression sleeves underneath my pants during my flight. Having to sit for 9 hours on a long-haul flight was not going to be the best thing for my legs so wearing the compression sleeves helped to keep the blood flowing in my legs. I’ve also worn my compression sleeves for the days following a race because, again, it helps to get the blood flowing in your legs and break up the lactic acid build up in your legs which decreases your recovery time.

Pro Compression Sleeves

If you’re going to be getting a pair of compression socks or sleeves for someone on your Christmas list (or maybe for yourself!) Pro Compression is giving you a 40% off discount with the code PINK2. The code expires December 15th so happy shopping!

 *Disclaimer :: I received a pair of Pro Compression marathon socks as part of being an ambassador for Sweatpink. All opinions are my own and all other items mentioned[Tweet “Top gifts for runners for the holidays #sweatpink”] were purchased by me.

Stocking Stuffer Gifts Under $30

Stocking Stuffers
It’s officially only one month until Christmas which means it’s time to kick it into high gear with your holiday shopping. While I always ask my family what they want for Christmas, I always like to surprise some of my closest friends with little gifts in their mailboxes. Here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers to give that are perfect for any gal pal in your life!
1. Bath & Body Works Shea Infused Socks :: $7.50
These are the perfect accessory to wear while snuggling on the couch. The socks are shea infused and are so soft and warm. Not only will you keep your feet snuggled up but you’ll help to keep them soft too! I love all the fun designs BBW comes out with these in each holiday.
2. Francesca’s Pretty Fabulous Frame :: $26
Print out a picture of you with your bestie and put it into this frame for an awww-worthy gift!
3. Francesca’s I Shine Water Bottle :: $18
Why not make drinking water more stylish by giving this sparkly water bottle? I’m all about anything with rhinestones or sparkles so this is a perfect gift to give one of your stylish friends.
4. Reindeer Coffee Sleeve :: $9.50
I can’t even handle how adorable these coffee sleeves are! These are from Catherine Mason and are the cutest things I have ever seen. If you have a coffee loving bestie, then this is the perfect gift for her to make her next cup a little more festive! There are TONS of other ones to choose from including a bow, penguin and even a donut one that I currently have my eye on!
5. Philosophy Cake Me Set :: $26
Philosophy always has some of the yummiest smelling fragrances. This cupcake set is the perfect little gift for anyone!
6. OPI Trend on Ten :: $27.50
Like I mentioned in last week’s beauty gift guide, I just love all of the beauty sets that come out this time of the year. This OPI set has ten different nail polishes so you get a good variety of colors that will help your bestie out the next time she gets a manicure.
7. Zara Checked Scarf :: $29.90
It shouldn’t surprise you that almost every girl in America wants one of these insta-famous plaid scarves. Keep your eyes peeled all over because TONS of places have them available in lots of different colors now.
8. Francesca’s Owl Sleep Mask :: $18
Owls are just cute on about anything and this sleep mask is no different!
9. Checkmate Miniemergency Kit :: $18
Have a friend who keeps everything but the kitchen sink in her purse? Get her this miniemergency kit  to make sure that she’s prepared for any little emergency that may pop up!
10. Alex and Ani Bracelet :: $24
To me, there is nothing better than wearing a piece of jewelry everyday that has meaning behind it. This bracelet which is called ‘Open Love’ is sure to make your bestie smile each time she wears it.
QUESTION // What things do you like to see in your stocking?

Holiday Gift Guide :: Beauty Gifts For Her

I can hardly believe that it’s already time to start holiday shopping! With Christmas only 5 weeks away, it’s time to start getting gifts ready for under the tree. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing some gift guides with you all. I’m wanting to hit a few different gift guide groups including athletes/runners, the traveler, stocking stuffers, fashion and gifts for him.

First up today, gifts for the beauty lover in your life. I especially love to shop at Sephora and Ulta during the holidays because it’s the best time of the year to shop for beauty gifts. Both stores always have amazing value sets which means you can get great gifts for a great value. Or, if you’re like me, it’s a perfect time to try out some new products that you’ve had on your wish list for awhile.

Untitled #11

This is a great gift for any makeup lover. This train case is big and durable and has lots of compartments to organize your makeup.
A Clarisonic is an essential to have in your skincare routine. It gently exfoliates your skin to help keep it soft and glowing. I received one for Christmas a few years ago and I still use it regularly.
My husband bought me this a few years ago for Christmas and I love it! If you know someone who loves to get their nails done, this is a perfect gift for them. While doing gel nails might seem hard, this kit from Mally makes doing a gel manicure at home so easy.
This is a kit I also bought a few years ago and Sephora brings it back each year. I love this kit because it features all of the bestsellers at Sephora and it features items from a variety of different makeup categories. This to me is the essential makeup kit and I use mine as a travel/emergency touchup kit in my work bag.
I think getting your hair done is one of the most relaxing and pampering things a girl can do for herself. With this kit, you can do your own blowout at home and have great looking hair everyday!
6. Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner Timeless Beauty : $235
I’ve previously talked about how I love love love the Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner. This kit is a great all in one gift that includes not only the planner, in the most perfect leopard pattern might I add, but also includes some makeup to include in your new makeup bag.
I just love this Sephora Favorites line. Just like the Superstars kit above, there are a variety of other kits that feature select products or items that make up a collection. Since I’m a lip product junkie, I love that this kit features all different lip formulas and colors. I’m hoping Santa brings me this for Christmas!
Whenever I want to pamper myself with a spa night at home, I use one of the GlamGlow masks. While they are pricey face masks, this set is a great value because you get three different masks to try out in one package. But trust me, they’re totally worth it because your skin looks AMAZING afterwards!
Bobbi Brown has been one of my all-time favorite makeup artists. During the holidays, she always comes out with palettes that are so classy and beautiful. This is a palette that has been around for a few years and not only do I love the packaging, but these are great neutral shades that would be perfect in anyone’s makeup collection.
To me, Sigma brushes are the best ones to use. I have this kit that I use not only when I travel but on an everyday basis. This kit would be a great gift idea for someone just starting to get into makeup or for someone who travels a lot. It includes all of the essential brushes you need, plus the case it comes in doubles as a brush holder.
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QUESTION // What’s your favorite makeup item to shop for?

Disclaimer :: Some of the links above do contain affiliate links. All opinions and thoughts are my own :)