What’s In My Blog Conference Bag?

A few weeks ago┬áI talked about how I attended my first blog conference down in Kansas City. As with any day trip, that meant I needed to pack a bag full of necessities and goodies to get me through the day. Here’s what I brought along for my jam-packed #GirlBoss day.

What's in my blog conference bag?

Laptop // I didn’t want to miss any of the action when it came to learning so I brought my laptop to take notes. I’m known for taking copious amounts of notes and I can type much faster than I can write. I also like using my laptop because it makes it much easier for me to organize my thoughts and notes by copying and pasteing. I did see a number of girls using their ipads to take notes which I’ve since invested in a keyboard for mine. While I love my laptop, I don’t like lugging that big thing around. I took my keyboard and ipad with me to Palm Springs last weekend and it worked great for me while we were on the go.

Notebook // While I did type my notes, I always havea notebook with me just in case. I love this little padfolio that I got from Target..in fact I have them in multiple colors and use them for a variety of reasons. The front of it is a clipboard and when you open it up, there’s a legal sized notepad on one side and a folder on the other. This was perfect for holding handouts and business cards I accumulated during the day.

Emergency Kit // Since I’m the girl that needs to be prepared for any type of situaton, I had my mini emergency kit wth me. Tide stick, hand santizer, nail clippers..I’m prepared for anything!

Water Bottle // One thing I have with me anywhere I go is a water bottle. This small Nalgene is my go-to travel water botte. Small enough to easily fit into my bag and it won’t spill.

Wallet // A self-explanatory one. Needed my id, credit cards an some cash!

Reusable Shopping Bag // I brought this along n cse we got any big swag that wouldn’t fit into my bag.

Kleenex/mints //Absolute neccessities so you don’t have bad breath and in case you have a sniffly nose. Or in my case, since I spill a lot, kleenex can act as a good paper towel!

Cell charger + portable cell charger // When you are at a conference that focuses on blogging and social meda, you will definitely be using your hashtags and posting all day long. It’s always a smart idea to carry your charger and a battery backup just in case.

Buisness Cards // Since I was going to be netwoking and meeting new people, I had plenty of business cards to pass out. I love this little wallet I picked up frm Target to carry them in.

Proein Bar // Because nobody lies being around someone who is hangry.

DSLR // Since I’m trying to becom a better photographer, I take my DSLR with me anywhere I get the chance so I can practice.


What's in my blog conference bag?