Younique Mascara Review

Have you heard about the Younique 3D Moodstruck Fiber Lashes? One of my good friends, Michelyn, recently sent me a sample of it to try. Here’s a little tutorial I filmed on how to use it!

If you’re interested in the product, check out her page to purchase some!


My 5 Minute Face

We all have those mornings where we’d rather sleep in a little bit and not take the extra time to get ready. But then we rush to get ready and every girl needs a makeup routine that can get the job done quick. Here’s a peek into the look I use as my “5 Minute Face” or my “No Makeup Makeup Look”. You know, that look that says “I just woke up like this!”


Product Spotlight :: Mary Kay

I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie. I love makeup and find any reason to buy new cosmetics. Whether it’s for an upcoming wedding I’m attending or because there’s a new eye shadow palette that’s cute and “travel friendly”, I can come up with any excuse to head to Sephora and load up with new products. Although I have tried a lot of items out there, there are still some brands that I have never tried before. One of those being Mary Kay.

Photo Apr 29, 6 29 02 PM

My first thought when I think of Mary Kay is a pink Cadillac..and then I think of cute little older women. I think I’ve never tried this brand before because it’s never been readily available to me. I’m a big fan of heading to the store to swatch out things because ordering online can give me BIG TIME anxiety. There’s that whole waiting a week for it to arrive, and what if I don’t like it? But, I do like coming home to packages on my front door step! Whatever the case may be, I’ve just never tried anything from their makeup line.

I recently got my Influenster Box* in the mail and it was filled with full size Mary Kay products! We’re talking brushes, bronzer, a powder, blush, mascara and more! I have been loving digging into these items and so far I LOVE the bronzer and there’s a cream eyeshadow too that is starting to make it’s way into my daily makeup routine.

I decided to check out what Mary Kay had to offer and here are my top 5 items on my radar currently:

  • CC Cream $20 :: Lately I’ve been obsessed with trying out BB creams and CC creams. This one claims to have 8-in-1 benefits including having SPF 15 which is perfect for the upcoming summer months.
  • Baked Eye Shadow $10 :: I love this little eyeshadow! It has 3 different colors so this would be easy to pack when you’re traveling and they’re great colors for summer!
  • Mary Kay At Play Eye Crayon $10 :: I’m a huge fan of neutral eye colors and the color Over the Taupe looks like it’s right up my alley. This product would be great for an everyday wash of color on the lids.
  • Mary Kay Compact $18 :: This little compact is great because it’s a palette you can create! You can purchase any variety of eye shadows or blushes and they connect in with a magnet. Think of all the possibilities you can make with this palette! It’s also small enough to carry in your purse for everyday touchups.
  • True Dimensions Lipstick inFirecracker $16 :: I am a lip product junkie and this color looks like the perfect red for your lips for the hot summer.

The other great thing I realized about Mary Kay as well is how affordable all of these items are! They’re price just a bit higher than drugstore brands but I think these items are more along the lines of higher end makeup brands.

Given how great these initial items are, I may need to be making a makeup purchase soon!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite makeup brand?

*Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media users and consumers who give their opinions of products and services. I received all of these items in a VoxBox which is a complimentary box of products sent to me to test and review.

4 Or More Makeup Tag

I think we all have those pieces of clothing in our closet that fit so well we have them in multiple colors. Or makeup items that we purchase and fall in love with and have to have them in multiple colors. Recently I took a good look at my makeup collection and realized that there are a few products that I have a lot of colors of. One thing that stands out to me is how many lip products I have! I am a total lip product junkie, especially when it comes to drugstore lip products. They’re so inexpensive and have great colors at a fraction of the price of high end brands!

Take a look into my collection and see which items I have multiples of. Obviously, I highly recommend all of the products in this video!

Bobbi Brown Nude Basics

Bobbi Brown has always been one of my favorite makeup brands. When I first started to really get into wearing makeup, this was the first brand that I purchased from. I really like that Bobbi Brown focuses on natural beauty and using makeup to enhance what you have. All of her products are natural, wearable shades that are perfect to wear everyday. Most of all, I love that her products make you look like you’re wearing no makeup!

I recently purchased the Nude Basics Set from QVC. I should really learn to not watch QVC when she is on because those TV hosts give me anxiety when they start talking about how many have sold! Since this set was a Today’s Special Value and I paid about $80 total for it (the value of it is around $180), I figured I had to go for it because otherwise I would regret it. Take a peek and see what all of the items are in the set!


CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

I’m always on a quest to find new makeup. One thing I have always struggled with is oily skin. In my previous skincare video, I talked about some products that I use to cleanse my face that help to combat my oily skin, but that’s always enough for me. Since my skin is sensitive, I need to find products that are oil-free and won’t break me out. This can be quite the hunt sometimes.

I recently found the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation at my local Walgreen’s and decided that since it said it was oil-free that it would be worth a shot to try it out. Check out my first impressions of it and what I thought about the foundation after wearing it all day.