Naturebox Unboxing :: Popsugar Must Have Box Edition

Last month in my Popsugar Must Have Box, one of the monthly items was a sample of a special Popsugar Must Have Snack Mix from Naturebox. They were offering a special half price promotion for Popsugar subscribers for your first box, and since I love a good snack, I thought this was worth a try.

I received my first box in the mail about a week and half after. To sum it up, there were some hits and there were some misses in my box. I wanted you all to see what I really thought about the box I received and filmed a little taste test for you.

Even though I didn’t love everything in my box, I’m going to still get next month’s box to see what new yummy treats I get. I got to pick out what snacks I wanted, so I’m hoping none of them will disappoint!

QUESTION // Have you ever gotten a Naturebox? If so, what’s your favorite snack you’ve received?