Where To Eat In Omaha During The College World Series

Ahhh, food. Omaha has a great restaurant scene. Did you know that the city has the most restaurants per capita than any other city in the US? You know what that means..endless possibilities for eating out. I’ve broken down my favorite places to eat by neighborhood and some of the dishes that you can’t miss out on while in town.

Where To Eat In Omaha

Downtown Omaha

In the downtown area, don’t miss heading over to Blatt Beer & Table across the street from TD Ameritrade. There’s a great rooftop that overlooks the stadium. Their burgers and especially their macaroni and cheese are must-eats.

Plank Seafood is another downtown favorite of mine. Everyday they have a great happy hour with drink and oyster specials and a special happy hour menu. Again, macaroni is my favorite there as well as the cheese curds and flatbread.

Photo Sep 23, 5 02 59 PM

Photo Sep 23, 5 20 36 PM

Sullivan’s is a franchise steakhouse chain downtown that has some good steaks on the menu but I’m a big fan of their happy hour. Get the red-heeled martini and the cheesesteak egg rolls, you’ll thank me later :)



Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing is another great area located not far from downtown. There’s lots to do there including shopping, a great park area and live music on Thursday’s. A few of my favorites to eat there are Catina Laredo (Mexican) and Pana 88 (fast food Chinese). For a relaxing night on the patio, head to Brix where you can sample different wines.

Photo May 07, 8 00 13 PM

There’s also a new area called the Blackstone District which is just a bit west of Midtown Crossing. There’s a great wine bar called Corkscrew there and some other new foodie favorites including Mula (mexican) and Nite Owl (pub and grill).

Aksarben Village

If you’re craving Mexican, I highly suggest you take a trip on out to Voodoo Taco. They have some of the best tacos I’ve ever had there. While you’re out there, pick up some wine at Spirit World and pick up some dessert to go from Jones Brother’s Cupcakes. Down the street is also an Omaha staple, Petrow’s. It’s an old diner that has great comfort food and delicious milkshakes. A few blocks aways is also J Coco. It’s owned by a local chef and has really great food that’s a bit upscale but not at a super high price.


Hands down, the Dundee area is my favorite in town. It’s a cute, small neighborhood just northwest of downtown (about 5 mins away). You must try out Pitch Pizza for some of the best pizza ever. Mark’s Bistro has without a doubt the best macaroni and cheese ever (notice a trend with my food habits here). And also order the smoked chicken lasagna while you’re there. They also have an adorable little patio that’s a must-see. To top off your meal, head over to the local eCreamery and get the Shark Bait, a flavor that they showcased on Shark Tank. Or, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a day when they have salted caramel, do not pass it up!

West Omaha

To see even more of Omaha, head out to the west side of town and check out Salt 88. It’s on my favorites and they have a great patio that overlooks a golf course. Get a sangria and some of the rangoon and enjoy a relaxing night out! Another favorite of mine is Louie’s Wine Dive. They also have great sangria there, some great dinner options and round out the night with their chocolate chip cookie in a skillet!

Photo May 06, 7 03 33 PM

Fast Food

If there’s one thing you eat as fast food while in town, try out the local Runza. If you want a quick bite to eat, head over to Pickleman’s in downtown. It may be a bit hot but they have a great grilled cheese and tomato soup. My other favorite is the Ethnic Sandwich Shop. I always get garlic bread, meatballs and alfredo pasta when I go there. It’s a do-not-miss spot to eat while you’re in town.

I’m hungry just thinking about all of these foods now! Enjoy Omaha CWS fans and I hope you get to enjoy some of the great food in town!


What To Do In Omaha During The College World Series

Welcome to Omaha College World Series fans! I hope you enjoy time in our city while your favorite team plays. If you’re looking to explore the city a little bit, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite things to do in town so here we go!

Omaha has one of the best zoos in the world so make sure to check it out! The penguins and aquarium are my favorite spots. Next to the zoo is also the former site of Rosenblatt Stadium, where the CWS used to be held. There’s a small baseball field there with the original home plate that your kiddos can run on there.

What To Do In Omaha

Image Source

If you’re looking to escape the heat, head on out to a movie. The Marcus Midtown Cinema is a movie theater not too far from the stadium. You can also order meals from the Cinedine while watching the movie too! My other favorite cinema is a local one called Aksarben Cinema, about 15 minutes from downtown. It’s located in an area called Aksarben Village which has lots of restaurants, a great Farmer’s Market on Sundays and a paint and sip art studio.

Don’t forget to check out the downtown Old Market area which has lots of great shops and restaurants. There’s also a food tours company in town that offers pizza and steak tours so check it out if you want to eat a variety of foods while in town.

What To Do In Omaha

There’s always the museum, botanical gardens and the art museum to check out too (don’t miss the Chihuly in it!) You can also head out of the city and check out the safari, the Strategic Air & Space museum or Mahoney State Park. For a funny night out, head to the Funny Bone Comedy Club which is also located at our outdoor shopping mall, Village Pointe.

Looking to stay active while on your vaycay? There are multiple gyms around the metro but a few of my favorites include Pure Barre and Sweat Cycle and Soul.


Tom + Chee

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a few of my favorite foods include macaroni and cheese, donuts and grilled cheese. My husband and I love these so much that I worked them into my wedding vows (you’re the glaze on my donut, the cheese to my macaroni). Recently I had the opportunity to try out Tom + Chee with some other Omaha Bloggers. This franchise became popular when it was on Shark Tank in 2013 and since then this popular grilled cheese and tomato soup restaurant has been popping up all over the country.


Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee


I’ve been looking forward to trying it out ever since I heard we were getting one in the area a few months ago. We got to try a TON of different grilled cheese while we were there. I wish I would have worn my stretchy pants there because they were all so so so good I wanted to keep eating!

Tom + Chee

  Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee

We started off with 2 of their salads, the Caprese and Green Goat salad. The Green Goat was one of the best salads I have ever had! Made with goat cheese, dried cranberries, almonds and mixed greens, it was topped with their homemade white balsamic vinaigrette. Yes, you heard right, homemade. In fact, EVERYTHING these is made from scratch. You won’t find any freezers or microwaves there. Soups are made from scratch, along with all of the salad dressings. The chicken and turkey they use on their sandwiches are also freshly roasted each morning.

 Tom + Chee

Then it was time to dine on the best part, grilled cheese! I think a grilled cheese and tomato soup is the perfect comfort meal. I have a feeling I’ll be returning for many more meals on cold nights or when I just need a feel-good meal. Here’s some of the grilled cheeses we got to try.

Tom + Chee

The Flying Pig :: Roasted turkey, bacon, pickle, smoked gouda and hardy white

Tom + Chee

Crunchy Garlic Chicken :: Roasted chicken, grilled onion, diced tomato, sweet hot mustard, garlic seasoning, parmesan garlic chips, pepper jack, hardy white

Tom + Chee

BBQ Brisket :: BBQ Brisket on hardy white (this was a special that’s not normally on the menu)

Tom + Chee

Grilled Mac + Chee :: Mac & Cheese, cheddar, hardy white

Tom + Chee

Hippy + Chee :: Hummus, cucumber, mixed greens, diced tomato, cheddar, wheat berry

Tom + Chee

Armagoetta :: Goetta, spicy cherry pepper, fried onion, sweet hot mustard, pepper jack, hardy white, pumpernickel rye, sweet hot mustard

Tom + Chee

The Tom + Chee :: Sliced tomato, garlic seasoning, cheddar, hardy white

And, all of these were only a small sampling of what we got to try. They have TONS of other options to order, including you can build your own creation as well with any bread, cheese and toppings of your choosing. Tom + Chee can be anything you want. If you want to be healthy and have a salad, they have that for you. Or, you can really indulge into any savory grilled cheese of your choice! There are also gluten free and veggie options too for those of you too. So everyone and I mean everyone can eat here!

Tom + Chee

Tom + Chee

Our meal ended with dessert with their grilled cheese donuts. If you really feel up to the test, they have a Baker’s Dozen Challenge where you try to eat 13 grilled cheese donuts in 10 minutes. Even though I’m convinced I could live off of donuts, I’m not sure even I could complete this challenge!

  Tom + Chee

And you are in luck because Tom + Chee is giving away a $50 food voucher to one reader! Just enter below :)

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Disclaimer :: Tom + Chee sponsored this post. All opinions are my own. 

RVAMPED Fashion Show

Given how much I love fashion, it shouldn’t be a surprise how much I love a good fashion show, right? I’m really looking forward to April 8 when The Haute Bauble Blog will be hosting a vintage fashion show down called RVAMPD at the Slowdown. The show will feature some of Omaha’s local vintage stores with a variety of different aesthetics and areas of vintage appreciation. I’ve never actually stepped into a vintage store but I always hear people tell me how some so fabulous as a pair of sparkly earrings or an adorable clutch came from a vintage store. I can’t wait to see what’s featured at the show in hopes of taking home my first vintage piece!

RVAMPD Fashion Show

Here’s a preview of some things you might see at the show.



 Photo Credit :: T. Tryon Photography


 Photo Credit :: T. Tryon Photography


How fabulous do these sparkly neckless look! I love a good statement necklace, especially one that has lots of rhinestones on it! Necklaces are my favorite way to dress up an outfit.


I love this plaid skirt! With the pops of orange and yellow, it makes for a perfect statement piece for spring.


Want to attend the show? Here’s the details ::

What :: RVAMPED Vintage Fashion Show presented by TheBaubleBlog.com

Where :: Slowdown 729 N 14th Street

When :: Wednesday April 8th , Runway show starts at 7pm. Pop-Up shops start at 8pm

Tickets :: Available at all participating vendors. $10 gets you a seat on the runway, $5 at the door standing room only

Participating Vendors :: Lion’s Mane Vintage, Paperdoll Vintage, Petal Pink Vintage, The Shop Around The Corner, No Love Lost Vintage, & Haute Bauble Vintage

I Wanna Be A Rockette

While I was a kid, I loved to dance and always loved performing in front of people. It was always a dream of mine while growing up to secretly become a Rockette. However, I swore that I was once told you had to be 5’10” in order to be considered. Even though I’m tall at 5’8”, I clearly wasn’t going to cut it as a dancing Rockette.

Photo Sep 03, 7 57 56 PM

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to meet two of the famous Radio City Rockettes while they were in town and got to talk to them about what it’s like being a part of one of the iconic Christmas show. Did you know you only need to be 5’6” in order to audition? I thought I had missed the bandwagon to be a Rockette, but it turns out I haven’t! You can be a Rockette for as many years as you want, you just have to audition each year. There’s even been one Rockette that was part of the show for 26 years! I wish I could still kick the way I could back in high school, then I would totally audition!

Secrets Behind Being A Rockettes

Secrets Behind Being A Rockettes

Since I’ve fascinated with all things production related and behind the scenes, it was really neat to talk to both of the dancers about their experiences with being a Rockette. Here are some interesting facts I learned :

  • Each Rockette does her own hair and make up

Each dancer learns the signature french twist that their hair is done in for each show. They say they can put their hair up in under 4 minutes!

  • The dancers rehearse 6 hours a day every day of the week for 6 weeks before the show kicks off

These girls are sure to be sore and tired after all of that kicking. There’s an athletic trainer that travels with them (there are 4 casts of dancers : two in NYC and the other two casts tour around the country). Just like runners, they take ice baths at the end of the day to help their muscles recover.

  • There’s a rich history behind the show.

The wooden soldier dance has been the same routine since 1930. Even the costumes haven’t changed since then either! The Living Nativity is also an original dance that is still performed today.

  • During one show, there are 8 costume changes!

The fastest change happens in less than 80 seconds. To keep all of their costumes in tip top shape, there’s one person on staff who is dedicated to doing all of the laundry.

  • Each dancer does more than 300 kicks per show. 

What’s so interesting to me is that during their kicklines, they don’t hold onto each other’s shoulders. Their hands are placed behind each girls back and they don’t touch each other. That’s amazing! As a dancer who performed many kicklines during my time as a high school pom-pon girl, I know how incredibly difficult that is.

  • Each costumer has more than 3,000 Austrian crystals.

Talk about some sparkle and shine there! To me, the more sparkles, the better!

Secrets Behind Being A Rockettes


I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn more about the show. The Rockettes will have a two and half week show run in Omaha starting Thursday. If you’re interested in seeing, the show here are the details ::

What :: Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes

Where :: Omaha Orpheum Theater

When :: Thursday November 13 through Sunday November 30, 2014

Tickets :: On sale now through TicketOmaha.com

I once saw the Rockettes years ago with my mom when I was in high school and it was such a fabulous show and a great way to kick off the holiday season. Hubs and I have a date night set next week to see a show next week and I can’t wait for a date night!

I also wrote a guest blog for Omaha Performing Arts about the secrets behind the Rockettes signature look and would love for you to check it out!


QUESTION // Were you a dancer growing up? Have you ever seen the Rockettes perform?

Plank Seafood Provisions :: A Night Out

Interesting little fact about me : I never really ate fish until I was 20 years old. My husband first introduced me to salmon on our first date when he came to Milwaukee to visit me on my fall break. With a funny look on my face, I wanted to impress my new boyfriend so I gave it a shot and since then I’ve been eating fish at least once a week. Up until then, this Wisconsin native thought that fish fries were the only fish around.

Photo Sep 25, 9 16 51 AM

Since I now love to eat fish, I was excited to meet up with some of the local Omaha Bloggers for a happy hour at Plank Seafood Provisions on Tuesday. What better way to end the work day with some fabulous ladies, yummy drinks and even better food!

Photo Sep 23, 5 02 59 PM

We got a small tasting of some of the items from their happy hour menu. My absolute favorite was the Baked Mac & Cheese. I consider this a main food group in my diet and this is among the BEST I’ve ever eaten!

Photo Sep 23, 5 20 36 PM

Salmon Crostini and Braised Beef Flatbread were also on the menu. Although I did just get back from vacation where I ate my weight in pizza, this flatbread was so yummy! It had some sea salt in it which has become one of my newest obsessions.

Photo Sep 23, 5 09 51 PM

Photo Sep 23, 5 12 45 PM

This was called Poutine which is a Canadian dish made with French fries and topped with brown gravy. These also had White Cheddar cheese curds on it so this Wisconsin girl was happy to indulge in them.

Photo Sep 23, 5 45 31 PM

And what’s a happy hour without some drinks? Lemonade is one of my favorite things to drink and this was a great spiked lemonade to sip on.

Photo Sep 23, 5 19 33 PM

I had a great time catching up with my local blogging ladies and trying out a new restaurant. I’m always up for a good date night happy hour and I know my husband and I will be frequenting here on our next after-work date!

And there’s more! On Monday, September 29 from 9 pm- 10 pm CST there will be a Plank Twitter Party and you have the chance to win gift cards to dine there! Here are the details of the Party :

Photo Sep 25, 9 16 53 AM

Party Details : Join the party on Twitter to learn more about Plank Seafood Provisions and answer questions to win prizes (winner drawn at random). But, YOU MUST RSVP! Head over to this website to register and then participate in the party on Monday to win.

When : Monday September 29 from 9pm – 10 pm CST

Hosts : @MomOnTheSide and @PlankSeafood

Panelists : Follow @momsgoodeats @momsavesmoney @herheartlandsoul@livingsunnylife @mrsbrich26 (me!)

Hashtag : #PlankSeafood

Prizes : (6) $15 Plank Seafood Provisions Gift Cards and (2) $50 Plank Seafood Provisions Gift Cards

*Disclaimer : Plank Seafood Provisions treated the Omaha Bloggers to this event. I was no compensated or required to post a review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Tequila Tasting Dinner at Cantina Laredo

I absolutely love Mexican food. I mean what’s there not to love about it? Any meal that comes with chips and salsa is a fantastic reason to eat in my book!
I recently got to experience a Tequila Tasting Dinner at Cantina Laredo with some other Omaha Bloggers  and what a great experience it was! I have always wanted to attend a tasting dinner so I could experience drinks that were specifically paired with the dish to enhance the flavors. I have been to Cantina Laredo before and I love that it’s not like a normal Mexican restaurant. They have the typical Mexican food fare but with a twist including signature sauces.
Photo May 07, 8 17 01 PM
Cantina Laredo is bringing a tequila tasting dinner to town next month. You’ll get 4 courses paired with 4 drinks, all for under $50! I was honored to be invited to this tasting preview before the dinner happens next month. Each meal was paired with three different Don Julio tequilas: Blanco, Resposado and Anejo. Just like with wine, the older a tequila is, the better tasting it is. In fact, they have a shot of 1942 aged tequila that’s $80.
Here’s the information about the upcoming dinner. If you love Mexican and trying out new dishes, I highly, highly, highly recommend you attend!
When :: Friday, June 13
Where :: Cantina Laredo at Midtown Crossing
Time ::  Cocktail service at 7 :: Dinner at 7:30 pm
Cost :: $49.99 per person
What :: Sampling the tequilas by Don Julio :: Reservations are required (402) 345-6000 :: Gluten free and vegetarians are welcome – please state that in your reservation
Take a peek at all of the dishes you’ll get, again, for under $50! That’s 4 mixed drinks, a 4 course dinner, and 3 tequila tastings.
Course 1 :: Appetizer
Photo May 07, 6 06 51 PM
 Drink 1 was a Cosmolito. It’s pink and tasted delicious..is there anything better than a cute drink?
Photo May 07, 6 18 17 PM
The appetizer was a Crab Avocado Chalupa. The crab was on a crunchy chalupa that was topped with a mango salsa, queso fresco chipotle aioli. It was just enough of a bite to get the meal started. They also weren’t too spicy either which is a win in my book!
Course 2 :: Salad
Drink 2 was a Mango Tequila Mojito. I will tell you I am not a fan of mojitos, but this did not taste like one at all! It was so refreshing, especially since it was 90 degrees that day! This was my favorite drink of the night.
Photo May 07, 6 53 35 PM
This salad was holy deliciousness! I am still craving this flavorful dish and wish I could recreate it! It was a Cranberry Pecan Salad that also had some Granny Smith Apples in it. The pecans had a toasted flavor and when those were paired with the apple and cranberry, it was just out of this world. I think this is the best salad I have ever had.
Course 3 :: Dinner
Photo May 07, 7 27 45 PM
Drink 3 was a Tengo Calor Margarita. There’s a jalapeño garnish on it too because this drink had cayenne pepper in it which gave it a kick! It was a spicy drink, but still good.
Photo May 07, 7 15 04 PM
There are 2 options for the main dish: Lamb Chops with Pistachio Pipian or Sea Bass Oscar. I chose the Sea Bass because I’ve never had it and am always looking for new fish to try. This fish was light, much like a cod. It also came with the most delicious cilantro lime rice and my favorite vegetable, asparagus. On top was a crab roasted jalapeño which was so delicious! I think that would make a fantastic appetizer. Overall, a really great dish that I want to eat again!
Course 4 :: Dessert
Photo May 07, 8 00 13 PM
Drink 4 was called a Hot Summer Never Ending. This was water muddled with cucumbers, jalapeño, tequila lime juice and triple sec. It was spicy drink and you could really taste the cucumbers in it. A bit spicy for my mild taste, but it was still refreshing on a hot night.
Photo May 07, 7 52 52 PM
Also refreshing was the sorbet trio. It was light and sweet and was the perfect way to end the meal!
This was such a fun event to attend not only because the food was absolutely incredible, but it’s also great to get to know new people in the area who also share blogging as a passion. This is going to be such fun event and you get so much food and drinks for such a great price!
Question // Have you ever been to a tasting dinner? And what’s your favorite Mexican food dish to eat?
Disclaimer :: This post is sponsored by Cantina Laredo and Midtown Crossing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Date Night :: War Horse

Not too long after we had our last date night, the hubs and I had another night out for the last musical in our season ticket package. True to form, we started the night out to dinner and we went to our absolute favorite restaurant downtown, Sullivan’s. This was actually the restaurant we ate at the night my husband proposed to me, so it has a special place in my heart :)


Since spring is finally here, we sat out on the patio for dinner. I love love love dining outside whenever I can. We spend so much time holed up inside during the winter that it’s so refreshing to sit outside with sunglasses on and enjoy a meal. While I waited for my husband to show up, I wasted no time ordering my favorite drink of all time and our favorite appetizer. They have a red heeled martini that has some raspberry vodka, lemon sour, lemon juice and Chambord in it. Not only is the name of it absolutely perfect for me and my shopping habits, but it’s rimmed with pink sugar. The result is a drink that tastes like kool-aid to me. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty to drink too :) Husband and I also always get an order of the cheesesteak egg rolls. I can’t even describe how amazing these are. If I could eat them everyday, I totally would!


We also love going to Sullivan’s because on Thursday nights they have half off martinis and we love ordering off their bar menu. Typically we split a Caesar salad (another favorite of ours) and a burger. And since I believe that no meal is complete without dessert, we got the lava brownie cake to top off our meal. True fact: the night my husband proposed to me, he wouldn’t let me order this dessert because he claimed he was so “full”. I complained for the next 20 minutes or so about how all I wanted was dessert. Little did I know he had to make us pass on dessert because our carriage ride (where he proposed) was coming soon. After I did say yes to him, I felt a little bad for meaning a little bit of a jerk over dessert..but he should know better to not mess with me and not give me dessert ;)


Once we were fully stuffed, it was time to head over to the theater to see War Horse. To be honest, I was not really looking forward to seeing this show. I had never heard of it and the name sounded unappealing to me. When we got to our seats and started to look at the playbill, we noticed these was no orchestra and that’s when we read it…a non-musical. At this point, I was really not looking forward to the show at all.


The basic storyline of the show is about a boy who gets a horse that eventually goes off to war (I know, best synopsis ever right). Since there were no songs, it made it hard for me to follow along. I much prefer shows that are lighthearted and have fun, bubbly, energetic songs that go along with it. The only thing I did enjoy about the show was the horse puppet. It was operated by numerous people and it was absolutely amazing to watch this puppy onstage. At times, it really looked and acted like a real horse.

war horse

Needless to say, this was one of my least favorite musicals I had ever seen. If you’re a history buff however, I think this would be right up your alley.

QUESTION // What fun date nights have you had lately?


Fun, Food and Fabulous during Ladies’ Night at Midtown Crossing

Last night I had such a great time at Ladies’ Night at Glo Lounge. It was a fun night to get out, enjoy a few drinks and meet some new friends!

I met up with Jordan of Harleys and Heels at Me and Me Boutique. Jordan is an absolute doll and with her love of Harley’s and my roots from Milwaukee, we found some things to talk about! We were both loaned some fabulous outfits from Lisa, the owner of Me and Me. I had lots of fun with Lisa picking out my outfits earlier this week. She has impeccable taste and knows how to pull an outfit together. There is quite an assortment of clothes and accessories in her store and I will definitely be making a trip back to make a few spring purchases!

Lisa put together 2 looks for both Jordan and me. My first look was a pair of leather shorts, paired with a khaki jacket. She accessorized it with a fun printed fedora hat and we added some color in with a pop of green with the scarf. She also has some shoes for sale in her store from a store that’s located in the Old Market and she picked out these turquoise booties to complete the look. I really loved this outfit and best of all, it was so affordable! I felt a bit like Carrie Bradshaw in it and this would be a fantastic outfit to wear on a date or even better, during Ladies’ Night with your best gal pals!


Once we got to Glo Lounge, we enjoyed some drinks and chatted with two other local bloggers Jessica and Danielle. Both of them were modeling outfits from The Ugly Sister. Not only does this store have great clothes, but they had tons of jewelry and fun gifts, including some fun wine glasses! I have my eye on a couple of statement necklaces that I spotted there and am thinking I need to add them to my collection asap!

outfit 3

After mingling for awhile, we moved onto look number two. Lisa wanted to put myself and Jordan into outfits that would feel spring ready and my dress really made me look forward to warm weather. No more cold temperatures means pedicures, dresses and dinner on the patio! I wore this adorable yellow ruffle halter dress that had a sassy fringe tie on the back. We accessorized with a gold chain necklace and a fun polka dotted printed purse. And can we walk about how fabulous Jordan looks in this jumpsuit! I think both of these outfits may need to make their way into my suitcase for my upcoming vacation to the Caribbean! Both of these ensembles could be dressed up with heels for a dinner date out on the town or dressed down with some cute sandals and you could wear for an everyday look!

outfit 2

Overall it was a fantastic night out and I’m looking forward to bringing some of my girlfriends down there for an upcoming ladies night!

Ladies’ Night at Midtown Crossing

If there’s one thing that I love, it’s a good outfit, and I’m looking forward to this coming Wednesday when myself and other local bloggers will be showing off the latest spring fashion trends during Ladies’ Night at Midtown Crossing. This is a great time to round up your girlfriends for a fun night out!

Ladies’ Night happens each Wednesday at Midtown Crossing and offers great discounts and deals at some of their great eateries and stores. As an Omaha transplant, I love the Midtown Crossing area. There are so many great places to eat and some fashionable boutiques to shop at!

Me & Me at Midtown Crossing

Myself and local blogger Jordan will be wearing outfits from Me & Me, and Jessica and Megan will be showing off outfits from The Ugly Sister. I hope you’ll join all of us for a fun evening of fashion..and there will be $4 martinis involved!

Midtown Crossing’s Ladies Night Fashion Experience: Color Your World 
Hosted by Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska 

Where: Glo Lounge, inside Marcus Midtown Cinema

$4 Specialty Martinis and Full Menu Available

When: Wednesday, March 12th

 Time: 6-8 pm

Why: Come see local bloggers modeling fashions from Me & Me and The Ugly Sister, as you enjoy drink specials and a night out with the girls!

PLUS! Register to win a $50 Midtown Crossing Gift Card

Disclosure: I am receiving a gift card in exchange for this post and attendance at the event.