Beauty Blogger Book Club :: Beautiful Ruins

Another month beginning means it’s time for a recap of last month’s book club choice. I got to choose February’s book and I chose Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. A few months ago, I saw Erin over at Her Heartland Soul had picked this book up for her vacation. The sample of the book has been sitting on my kindle app for months. Does anyone else do that? Download TONS of samples of books that just sit there on your ipad and never get read? I really wanted to read this book because I was intrigued by the cover of it. It looks exactly like Cinque Terre and my husband and I fell in love with how beautiful it was when we visited Italy last September. Once I read the synopsis of the book I was also really interested in how it had multiple storylines. This seemed like a good choice for me because I can often get bored easily so I thought this would keep my interest in it.
Beauty Blogger Book Club
Once I started to read the book, I was not digging it at first. I started to get confused with the different characters and the different time settings it was taking place in. I often was asking myself “where did this character go?” and “how did we fast forward 40 years?” It took awhile for me to get into the book but once I got about a fourth of the way in, the story started to make sense to me.
Beautiful Ruins
A quick recap of the book is that it starts in Italy in 1960 with an actress that comes to a local hotel to rest from her time spent in Rome as a movie actress. As the story progresses, it goes back and forth from her time in Italy to 60 years later where the local innkeeper’s from the hotel she stayed at is trying to find her in Hollywood via the director that sent her to Rome. I know, it sounds complicated but once you start to read the story, it starts to make sense.
Even though it took me a little while to get into the book, I really enjoyed it overall. I think it makes for a good vacation read. Don’t forget to head over to our other beauty blogger’s blogs and check out what they thought of February’s book club pick.
Heather – Love To Be Busy
For March, we will be reading Heather’s pick which is “One Moment, One Morning” by Sarah Rayner. I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I noticed that Sarah Rayner has multiple titles and I’m hoping that this is an author who I can get into reading. Personally I’m a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin and I always start to read their new titles they are released.
One Moment, One Mornin
If you love to read, then please join our book club! Email me for more information. And if you don’t have a blog, no worries, we welcome anyone to join the fun of being a bookworm :) Each month, one of the Beauty Blogger Book Club (BBBC) members will choose a book for the Club to read. At the beginning of the following month, we each write a book report/summary for our readers to enjoy and share the book for the following month!

Beauty Blogger Book Club :: A Mad, Wicked Folly

Well we officially have one month down in our Beauty Blogger Book Club! For our inaugural book, Michelyn over at Brains, Beauty, & Basketball picked “A Mad, Wicked Folly” by Sharon Briggs Waller. This is actually Waller’s first fictional novel and I hope she writes more because it was zoo good. And bravo to Michelyn for picking this book for our first book to read!

Beauty Blogger Book Club

The story is set in London in 1909. Vicky Darling, the daughter of a wealthy family, is off at finishing school in France when she poses nude in an art class. When her family heard of this scandal, she was brought back to London for an arranged marriage. While back in London, Vicky wanted to make her dreams of becoming an artist a reality by applying to attend art school. She also got involved in the suffragette movement and started to fall in love with a middle class boy she met when she got in trouble with the law one day.

A Mad Wicked Folly

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story for you but it boils down the age-old question in many books of who will she fall in love with and will she chase her dreams?

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I’m not one to typically read stories set in historical times but that didn’t bother me at all. I always gravitate to the chick lit books about love and weddings so this storyline was right up my alley. There were so many things always going on during the book that you just wanted to know what came next. Would Vicky marry her parent’s choice for a husband? Would she get into art school? Would she get in trouble again with the law while being a part of the suffragette movement?  I prefer to do my reading while I’m on the treadmill each day and I was always looking forward to reading this each day when I got my daily run in.

For next month’s book, I got to choose what we were going to read. I have so many samples of books on my kindle app that it was hard to choose just one to read. After doing some research, I picked Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I have to say this cover really drew me in with just its cover because it reminded me of our trip to Italy. After reading the summary of the book and seeing that it follows multiple characters over time, this novel sounded really intriguing to me.

Beautiful Ruins

Head on over to our other book club member’s blogs to see what they had to say about this month’s book choice!

Michelyn at Brains, Beauty and Basketball

Heather at Love to be Busy

Jennifer at All Dressed Up In Love

If you love to read, then please join our book club! Email me for more information. And if you don’t have a blog, no worries, we welcome anyone to join the fun of being a bookworm :) Each month, one of the Beauty Blogger Book Club (BBBC) members will choose a book for the Club to read. At the beginning of the following month, we each write a book report/summary for our readers to enjoy and share the book for the following month!

Question // Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

2015 Resolutions

Happy 2015 to you! I hope that all of you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and a restful day off of work yesterday! We had a low-key evening at home on NYE. We made appetizers in our new deep fryer that we got for Christmas and followed that up with lounging on the couch all night. Husband played video games and watched football while I dozed in and out of sleep till midnight. I know, we’re party animals but we love spending time at home and relaxing so it was perfect for us!

With a new year always comes resolutions and goals. I debated about even making any this year as most of the time I forget about them after a month and don’t stick to them. I’m hoping that by writing them down it makes me more accountable to them. I may even do a monthly catch-up post to update you (and myself) on my progress.

1. Eat a little bit cleaner

While I don’t have the worse diet in the world, I know I can do better. One bad habit I have is always sneaking a dessert after lunch (and dinner..oops!). I always tell myself that since I work out 6 days a week that it’s ok I do that. While I’m not trying to lose weight, I know that stopping some of the sweets and treats will make myself feel a little bit better. I know that while I’m not packing on the pounds it’s obviously not good for me.

2. Focus on me a little bit more

I know this sounds totally selfish but I don’t mean it like that. Right now I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish both for my blog and another new exciting project that I can’t wait to tell you guys about. I want to grow my blog to something much bigger  and better and I know that it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice for that to happen. I’m hoping that my focusing a little bit more on me, my blog and my new project it will lead to some better and exciting things in life :)

3. Go on more dates 

Seems a little odd of a goal when it’s just me and my husband and we have no kids yet. But, we often get stuck in the rut of going out to eat at the same places and not doing as many fun things like we used to when we first started dating. While I know this is what happens once you grow older, both my husband and I love to try new things and new restaurants. One thing we started late in the fall was every Sunday we go golfing and out to brunch afterwards. I’m hoping we can start more fun, monthly date-night traditions like this.

4. Unplug a little bit more

I’m notorious for always having my phone in my hand and constantly looking at social media or shopping on my phone. Many nights I will have the TV on but I never watch what’s on it because I’m too busy playing a game, watching Youtube or catching up on Facebook. It’s such a terrible habit and I need to take a step back from technology. While I love catching up on my friends latest photos on Instagram, I know that missing seeing of them won’t make me a worse person. I’m hoping to stop myself from always having an electronic in my hand and live a little bit more in the moment.

5. Read more

Along with unplugging from technology a little bit, I really want to get back into reading. Growing up I always had my head in a book when I had a free moment and it wasn’t uncommon for me to finish an entire Babysitter’s Club book in one day. Right now, my reading consists of whatever book I have downloaded on my kindle app that I read while on the treadmill. I want to make reading a part of my everyday life and read more than just a few minutes a day, which hopefully will help me to accomplish reading many more books this year.

Beauty Blogger Book Club

To help with this goal, I’ve teamed up with my friend Michelyn at Brains, Beauty & Basketball  and All Dressed Up in Love to launch a new series called Beauty Blogger Book Club (BBBC). Each month one of the BBBC members will select a book for the club to read. At the beginning of the following month, we’ll each post a review of the book and announce the next book in the series. I’m really looking forward to reading more books and also discovering books that are out of my normal reading comfort zone. This month, Michelyn selected “A Mad, Wicked Folly” by Sharon Biggs Walter for us to read :)

If you’d like to join our book club, just send me an email and I’ll pass along the information to you. Don’t worry about if you aren’t a blogger, anyone can participate!

QUESTION // Do you like to read? What kind of books do you normally read?

4 Books :: 10 Day You Challenge

Ever since I was little, I loved reading. As a kid, I often had a book in my hand and would spend hours reading before I went to bed at night. The Babysitter’s Club and Boxcar Children were my favorite books to read! While in college, I even had a part time job at Barnes and Noble because I loved reading so much. I’m not sure what it is, but I LOVE roaming around bookstores looking for new titles to read. Nowadays I get my reading time in via the Kindle app on my iPad when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. Without further ado, here are 4 of my all-time favorite books!

  • If you give a mouse a cookie

This is my all-time favorite children’s book. The very first pageant I ever competed in when I was 7, my on-stage question was what is my favorite book and I went on to repeat the entire story into the microphone. I’m not sure what it is about this book, but it’s always been a favorite of mine. Since I’ve grown up, they have now come out with a whole series about them with other animals including If you give a pig a pancake and more. I love these books so much that I have since started buying each of them for my nephew and he loves them just as much as I do!

  • Shopaholic Series

I feel like this series was written about me and my addiction to “retail therapy”. I love how Sophie Kinsella write and I always look forward to when her next book comes out. There’s another book in the series coming out in October that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

  • This little piggy went to Prada

My mom bought me this book a few years ago and I get a hoot out of it. It’s basically a nursery rhyme book but they are all re-written to be about name-brand designers. I hope that one day when we decide to have kids that I have a girl so I can teach her early on about all of my favorite designers!

  • Anything by Emily Giffin or Mary Kay Andrews

These have become 2 of my newest favorite authors. I’d say these fall under the “chick lit” category which is right up my alley. Both Giffin and Andrews have numerous books out there and all are really fantastic and fast reads.


What’s your favorite book?

Summer in the City…

The next installment of the Carrie Diaries comes out on Tuesday April 26! I’m so excited to get this new book entitled, Summer in the City. It comes out about a week before the beau and I head off to Mexico for vacation-this will definitely be my beach read!

Attention Sex and the City fans…

If you’re a Sex and the City fan like myself, then I’m sure you’re anxious for the sequel to the first movie to hit theaters in May. It’s been a long time coming and if any of you are as impatient as I am, here’s something to tide you over in the mean time….

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell is a book about what Carrie was like in her high school days. Although it’s a “teen” book, I still think it’ll be a fabulous read. It comes out on Tuesday so check it out!