Rocksbox Review

Accessorizing an outfit is one of my favorite things to do. When I was in high school, I used to pick out my outfit and jewelry the night before school and modeled it for my mom. Even though I’m an adult now, I still pick out my outfits each Sunday for the week because it just makes my mornings go a little bit smoother. I love to pick out my jewelry and pair it with my different outfits. To me, jewelry is something that really helps to style an outfit and make it even more fabulous.

Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in being one of their RB It Girls. Getting jewelry in the mail? Yes, please count me in! If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox, it’s¬†basically a jewelry rental service. You pay $19/month and fill out a style quiz and wish list based on your jewelry specifications. A stylist will send you 3 pieces on loan for the month and you can keep them as long as you want. If you fall in love with any of the pieces in your box, you get a $10 credit to put towards jewelry to buy. If you don’t like anything, there’s a prepaid shipping label for you to send it back.

Rocksbox Review


Here’s a look at what came in my box for me ::

  • Perry Street Jean Crystal Earrings $41

I don’t often stray from my normal diamond stud earrings but I liked these pretties. They’re a big bigger than a stud to make a statement on your ear. It also helps that they’re big rhinestones because we all know how I like to sparkle and shine :)

  • Gorjana Chaplin Bracelet $40

I was not a fan of this bracelet. I do prefer to wear silver over gold so they got that right. But this was a flimsy chain and I can see this getting caught on my watch or charm bracelet so this was a thumbs down for me.

  • Perry Street Layla Necklace $44

I made a note to my stylish that I really love to wear statement necklaces. Even though this is on the small size, I would put it in that necklace category. I personally did not like this necklace simply because I prefer to wear big, bold necklaces with lots of color.


Rocksbox Review

Although this month’s pieces weren’t all a hit, I really enjoyed receiving this box in the mail. I’m looking forward to seeing what my stylist picks out for next month’s box!

If you are interested in getting your own Rocksbox, use the code ashleyericarichxoxo to get your first month’s box free!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite type of jewelry to wear?¬†