Yearly Skincare & Haircare Favorites

Last week I shared my favorites beauty¬†products of 2014 and today I’m back with my favorite skincare and haircare products. While my beauty products can change on a daily basis, I pretty much stick to the same haircare and skincare routine for everyday. Without further ado, here are my standout and tried and true products of 2014!


What’s In My Travel Toiletry Bag?

As a girl, I know it takes a lot of things to get ready in the morning. Pair that along with the fact that I pack everything and anything I might need in case of an emergency¬†and you have a TON of stuff that I need to bring with me! Luckily, I’ve paired my travel toiletry bag down to the essentials, plus a few extra items just in case!

Products I’ve Used Up :: August 2014

My “beauty trash can” (aka a cute, old shopping bag) was filled to the brim with my latest products I’ve used up. This time around I have a wide variety of products from body, skincare to even a few makeup items!

July Favorites

Another month is over and that means new products that I fell in love with! I was pretty spend this past month and got a lot of new things, many of which made their way into my favorites!

Products I’ve Used Up #2

I find it very gratifying when I finish my face wash or my shampoo. There’s something about throwing that empty bottle into my “beauty trash bag”. I feel like often times I buy products to “try them out” and after a few uses they get thrown into the back of my bathroom cabinet and forgotten about. Now that I’ve started doing empties videos, it’s given me a reason to actually put things to use and not let them collect dust!

So here’s my latest empties video. Many of the items are smaller in size, some are even sample sizes. But hey, using a product is using a product and at least I’m starting to learn to not let things go to waste!

QUESTION // Have you ever used up a product even though you knew from first trying it out that you didn’t like it?

My Current Skincare Routine

I have had my share of skincare issues over the years, including oily skin and breakouts. After experimenting with lots of different products over the years and consulting with my dermatologist, I finally have a routine down that keeps my skin issues under control. Watch my video to see what products are making a difference in my skincare routine!