Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway at Just Another Preppy Shopaholic

Hey all you shopaholics that love Lilly Pulitzer, check out this fabulous giveaway below!!

Instagram March Fashion Madness-Lipstick Love

I decided to jump on this Instagram Photo Challenge. Instead of the normal 30 day one, I’m starting out with a fashion related one called March Fashion Madness. Today is my favorite lipstick which is MAC Viva Glam V.


A couple of months ago, I subscribed to Netflix. I was an avid redbox user previously…the 99 cent movie rental was appealing. But most of the time, by the time I got home and started the movie, I’d fall asleep halfway through it. Then I’d scramble the next day to finish it before returning it so I wouldn’t have to pay more…

In comes Netflix. I pay $13 a month to have 2 movies out at a time…so I typically watch 2 movies a week which comes out to 8 rentals a month (sometimes more). Sure, I pay a few bucks more than I would at rebox, but being able to watch them when I want (I had two movies in my possession for 4 months before I actually watched them!) and having them delivered right to my mailbox are quite appealing.

I typically just watch new releases on Netflix, until a few months ago when I wanted to buy some new fitness DVD’s. I tried to read reviews of some online, but I can’t depend on those. Even if it got rave reviews, I might dislike it. So, I put a few on there and recently got one..

HA, I know…the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader DVD. As a dancer, I thought this would be appealing to me. I also thought it might be a nice DVD to add to my repertoire for those days I just don’t feel like going to the gym. 
I thought this was going to be an hour long sweat session boot camp. You know, similar to what I’ve done at classes at the gym…where you alternate weights and cardio.
WELL….I was very disappointed with this DVD. I thought I’d be getting some new weight moves to try to but this came up short. It was very slow paced (I didn’t break a sweat so needless to say that large chocolate chip cookie I ate earlier is still in my tummy!) and many of the exercises required no weights so it was not challenging at all. Needless to say, my body did not get any harder from this boot camp.
If you want an introduction to a boot camp style, then this might be for you.
Overall grade: C – 


I just heard on Thursday night that the Melting Pot in Omaha at Village Pointe is officially closing after tonight :( So sad…That was mine and my bf’s favorite place to go for birthdays, holidays and other special date nights.

I wish we could have had one more dinner there, but I’m out of town traveling with work this weekend so that wasn’t going to happen. So now I’m on a quest to find similar fondue recipes..anybody have any suggestions?

Until we meet again Melting Pot…may you continue to bring lots of joy and yumminess to other cities!

Busy Little Bee!

That’s been me lately! I just moved into my new house after nearly 5 months of living out of boxes…let’s just say that HGTV does not make moving/getting a new house look as easy as it is on tv!

In addition to that, I’ve been super busy with work as well as my part time job with the pageant which I just started traveling for on the weekends. Needless to say, I am counting down the days till I have a free day off!

So, I apologize for not writing as much! Between unpacking and traveling and work, I’m trying to find a balance between work and relaxation! I think I’ve finally found it thought..

Until next time…

A Wisconsinite takes on Omaha….

I’ve lived in Omaha almost two years and there are still some sayings and things I don’t understand. While I do live in Nebraska, I’ll always be a Wisconsin girl at heart and some things will never change for me…

For instance, it took me almost two years to realize that in Omaha, every restaurant does not have fish fries on every Friday, not just during Lent. A big letdown for this Wisconsin girl..however, I have found some local restaurants that have “fish and chips” on their menu so that’ll have to do for now.

Some other observations from this out of towner…

An ATM will always be a tyme machine to me.
A Shirley Temple (Sprite with cherry) is a kiddie cocktail.
Water fountains are bubblers.
A bag is not called a sack.
Lake Zorinsky looks like a big giant pond to me, not a lake.
Culver’s will never take the place of real custard in my heart.
I really miss having professional sports in Omaha..while we have good college teams, there’s still something about a pro baseball or basketball game.
Omahans and Milwaukeeans always freak out in snow, even if it is only a few inches.
The city of Omaha really needs to learn how to plow…it’s a bit unacceptable for my street to not be plowed three days after it snows.
Getting to downtown Omaha in less than 20 minutes is a nice luxury.
AND checking in at the airport, and going through security in Omaha in under 10 minutes is another luxury.


Sorry for my lack of posts lately :(

It’s been a hectic week since I last wrote…

I went home for the weekend and the past few days have been house hunting after work….

Tomorrow is friday and I promise there will be an update!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

Well, a happy early Valentine’s day to all! Mr. Brandon and I decided to go out to dinner tonight rather than on Sunday. We originally wanted to go on Saturday, but everywhere is booked up! B chose The Melting Pot…a place I absolutely adore. It’s not only a fabulous meal, but it’s a great dining experience. Perfect for Valentine’s day. That above is the famous chocolate fondue desert. It was absolutely delectable!

Tis the season….for travel delays…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! I wish each and everyone of you a very happy holidays…and hope you can get to your destination safely.

With a blizzard approaching the Midwest, I have already seen numerous Twitter and Facebook status’ about cancelled flights. With Christmas always being a stressful travel time, B and I have opted, as always, on a road trip back to Wisconsin so we don’t have to deal with the headache of having to deal with delays and cancellations.
Here’s to hoping the meteorologists are wrong and we won’t get as much snow as anticipated and that we all can be home for Christmas…

A new day….

For real…

I promise to start updating my blog….tomorrow.
I really mean it this time-cross my heart!