Been awhile…

I know I told myself I was going to get back into the habit of writing my blog.

Well, as you can’s been awhile. And it’s been a busy few months.
Pretty much I was traveling all summer as you can see from the previous post. It was a tiring summer that went by way too fast. Lots of blisters and swollen, tired eyes..but an endless amount of fun, hard work, laughs, dreams coming true and memories made with my besties..
I’ll update more tomorrow. I’m a tired little lady and tomorrow is a very busy day. Lots to do before leaving Thursday to head back home for my sister’s wedding!

Been awhile….

I know…it’s been awhile!! Life has been super hectic!! Pageant season has begun and I’ve been super busy traveling. My week nights are filled with making calls for NAM and on the weekend I’m off to open calls! First week, was back in Wisconsin, then was in Iowa the following weekend….followed by a weekend at home….then I was lucky to have a weekend off. This past weekend I was doing callbacks in Iowa and I am finally home and so tired! All those presentations really tire me out, but I would not change it for anything in the world. So much fun and I love meeting all of the girls. A few girls today wanted their photo with me afterwards. I told them I was a nobody-but they made me feel super special since I’m not even a queen.

I’m anxious to have this next weekend off. I have so much around the house that needs to get done. The following weekend I’m back in Wisconsin for workshops….can’t wait to sport my pj’s for the pajama party with these girls! The last weekend in April I have off and then…..I’m gone for 16 WEEKENDS IN A ROW! That’s right. I’m gone every weekend from May 2 all the way through the third weekend in August. Then I have two weekends off followed by a pageant. Then two weekends off and then my sister’s wedding! In case you lost count, that’s…..well a lot of frequent flier miles, lots of time of being in the car, not enough sleep but a whole lot of fun making a difference in girls lives and makes lots of memories with my besties. If you need to know where I am, here’s my schedule to keep up with me!

May 3-5 Iowa Workshops
May 6-my birthday and Wicked!
May 8-22: back to Wisconsin with Gia
May 22-25: WI NAM in Madison
May 29-31: Nebraska Open Calls
June 6-7: Iowa NAM in Grinnell
June 11-15: Mississippi NAM (helping B out with Top Model)
June 16-21: Nebraska Callbacks
June 25-28: Minnesota NAM in St. Paul
July 4th-ok I guess I lied–one weekend off in there!
July 10-12: Nebraska workshop
July 15-20: Arizona NAM (that’s a 22 hour drive for a total of 44 hours of me and B in the car–and maybe Gia too!)
July 25: ok I guess I’m off here too..I could have sworn I was busy here though
Jul 31-Aug 2: Missouri NAM in St. Louis
August 8-9: Nebraska NAM in Ralston
August 13-16: home for my sister’s bridal shower
two weekends off…
September 4-7: Illinois NAM in St. Charles

two weekends off….

September 24-27: my sister’s wedding!!!

so that’s about it for now. I have this weekend off which means lots of cleaning around the house. It’s also supposed to be nice out so a long walk with Gia is definately in order too.

Next weekend I’m back off to WI for workshops, then one weekend off and then it’s May and the adventures begin!!

Wisconsin Vs Nebraska

So…I was starting to think about things I miss in Wisconsin and what I like about Omaha and vice versa…here’s what I’ve come up with..

1. I miss Kopp’s
2. Mamma Mia’s…and other homemade pizza places for that matter
3. Macy’s
4. closeness to Chicago
5. Culver’s on every corner
6. everyone knows what a bubbler is
7. it’s soda there
8. you can get whatever you want in one trip to one mall
9. horrible wisconsin twang accents
10. people know how to drive in two inches of snow

1. there’s sonic here…and pepperjacks
2. no custard at all…culver’s doesn’t count
3. there is a culver’s here but it’s far away to get to when you want a good burger
4. chicago is a short plane ride away….there’s always Kansas City, but only if you go to the plaza
5. everyone calls a plastic bag a “sack”…it bugs the heck out of me
6. everyone calls is pop….again, drives me bananas!
7. I love how everyone refers to it as “the river”…they try to make it out to be a lake
8. to get what you want at a mall, you have to visit all 4 to get all the stores you want
9. everyone here makes fun of my accent and knows exactly where I’m from when I talk
10. people here have no idea how to drive in the snow….one time it took me an hour to go 20 blocks, and it was barely snowing with only an inch on the ground

more to come when I think of it!

Almost the weekend!!

Well….would you believe that on Tuesday I get to take Gia to the vet for the 7th time in 7 weeks?! You betcha! Apparently, they need to check her ear one more time. They found some more icky stuff in it, then tested it and it turned out just to be dirty skin cells (and may I remind you that I clean her ears everyday now!) So, they think the problem is that between all the cleaning and medicine the past three weeks that it’s just very irritated now. We have to wait a week which means no cleaning or meds for her. That makes Gia very happy that I don’t have to pick and prod at her every night now! I’m crossing my fingers that this is the final vet visit for awhile…..well at least for two week because then she gets shots!

Yesterday was a beautiful day too. Almost 60 degrees-woo hoo! But today it’s cold, yucky and gray. I can not wait for spring to come as I am so tired of looking at my sweaters.

Otherwise, not much else exciting…..7 days till I get to go home!! :)

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I remembered this morning that one year ago today tomorrow we had a HUGE blizzard back in Milwaukee. I was stuck in my apartment all day with classes cancelled-which is a rarity in Milwaukee! I remember at about 3 pm I went out to dig my car..and well my car was completely covered in snow, from tires to the top!!! And now tomorrow, here in Omaha, it’s supposed to be 63. WWOW!!

Tonight I have to venture to the vet, yet again, with Miss Gia. This is the 6th time in 6 weeks that she’s been there. She used to love the vet and now she puts the brakes on the second we try to walk through the door. I am hoping that her poor little ear infection is finally gone because I hate trying to get the medicine in her ear. Especially when she squeals; that just breaks my heart!

Other than that, I am getting very excited to go home…only 8 more days! I made my mom promise me that Thursday night she’d take me to Kopps. There’s no custard or butter burgers out here in Nebraska!! Friday my mom and I are having some bonding time…breakfast at the pancake house (another thing not in Omaha :(), followed by some shopping and then going to see the story of our lives, Confessions of a Shopaholic. I absolutely loved the books and have been waiting to see this movie. Then after all the fun, it’s time for open calls the rest of the weekend. Makes me excited that pageant season is here and I get to see my besties finally!!

until next time! later gators!


Hi again..

Had an absolutely fabulous weekend :)

Friday night, B and I were not in much of a mood to do anything. So B made us some dinner and I watched a movie and snuggled with Gia-nothing to exciting.

Saturday brought about the typical…laundry, shopping, cleaning etc. That night we went to Vivace down in the Old Market for dinner. We had never been there before but absolutely loved it-great Italian food. Then we went and saw Grease-part of my Valentine’s day present which was tickets to three of the musicals that will be coming to town since B and I love going. Grease was probably one of the best musicals I’ve seen so far. Absolutely amazing props and lighting and the choreography was the best I’ve ever seen in a musical. I can’t wait to go see the next two shows..Avenue Q at the end of March and Wicked, on opening night on my birthday. I know…this will be my third time seeing Wicked but it’s my absolute favorite musical of all time. And yes, B and I saw Avenue Q last year in Milwaukee, but after seeing it and dying of laughter, we are pumped to see it again.

And now it’s Sunday, end of the weekend and off to work all week. Although today was very exciting as a puppy parent…..Gia graduated from Puppy Preschool!! B and I could not be more proud puppy parents. I actually just enrolled her in K9 Junior High-some more advanced manners and obedience commands. We really liked going to class with her and she caught onto commands and tricks quite quickly so we’re anxious for her to learn some new things. We hope that one day we can train her to do obstacle courses-you know, the ones you see on tv where they jump hoops and go through tunnels. Gia is so quick on her feet that we think she’d be a natural at it!

So that’s about it! I’m anxiously awaiting for March to come. I get to go home two times!!! I’m flying home the first weekend in March for open calls, but I’m going home a day early and am excited to spend it with my mom :) And of course, anxious for open calls because that means pageant season is finally here which equals getting to see my favorites! YAY! The following weekend is Iowa calls, and the following weekend I’m flying home to see Michelle give up her title and we’re going down to Chicago to get my mom a dress for my sister’s wedding. All of the little details are starting to fall into place and I’m getting soooooo excited for her big day-too bad it’s still 7 months away!!


Well, after all these years…I am finally starting my blog! So welcome!

I remember back in college when we were constantly honed about blogs and how important they were going to becoming in the media world. I kind of blew it off thinking “who the heck would read that stuff?”….well now I’m working in media and I’ve come to realize how important social media really is!

I really wanted to this though for a few other reasons. 1) I don’t get the chance to write as much as I’d like. Writing has always been a passion of mine and, as much as I complained about it, I miss writing school papers. and 2) now that I’m away from home, it’s an even better way for my family and friends to keep up with my busy life!!

So what’s new? Well….I’ve been in Omaha since last summer and I’ve been working at an advertising agency where I primarily work on a blog and online magazine doing promotions, public relations, marketing and tv shoots.

The joy of my life has come from my 6 month old maltipoo Brandon bought me. She’s the most adorable thing ever but she’s quite the sassy pants. She’s had her share of accidents at home…including jumping out of her cage while I was at work and eating the carpet..not to mention eating a cable cord and breaking the WII. But it’s hard to stay mad at that sweet little face for too long! I am proud to say that she will be graduating from her puppy obedience school on Sunday! And I am all ready to sign her up for K9 Junior High-I want my baby to be the smartest dog ever.

Other exciting news….my sister got engaged over Christmas. It’s been a very exciting time for my mom, sister and I. I flew home two weeks ago and we found her wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses. Everything is coming together and I am sooooooo happy for her. Granted I wish I could have been the flower girl since I never got to be one, but being the maid of honor is quite the honor too….not to mention, I’m excited to finally have a brother! (although it’s an in-law that still counts as a brother right?)

And with that I’ll bid a see ya later for now…more later!!!