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I know I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you missed it, I have my own little crafty corner of the world in an Etsy shop. Wondering where the name BeeRich comes from? Well, my husband’s name is Brandon and everyone calls him B Rich. Since this was a small little business endeavor we’re embarking on together, the name BeeRich just kind of stuck with me since it’s a unique way to showcase our name.

I’ve been hard at work designing and creating new things and this is just the beginning of some exciting things to come! I’d love if you checked out my shop or follow me on my Etsy Facebook or Instagram where I’ll be sharing special sales and coupon codes too :)

Here’s just a peek at some of the things now available in my shop. I have some fun, new releases that will be unveiled each day as well for the next week and a half too!

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Donut Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Birthday Girl Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Sparkle Ring Bride Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Nautical Anchor Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- State Love Shirt

BeeRich Designs Etsy- Sparkle and Shine Pageant Shirt

Friday Favorites :: #15

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my Friday favorites. I’ve got some new things that I’ve discovered and re-discovered over the past few weeks that I’ve been wanting to share. There are a number of items on my list so let’s not waste anytime and see what’s made it onto the favorites list!

Friday Favorites

  • Green tea with honey

It has been my least favorite weather all week long here. Dreary, cold and misty rain. With such chilly mornings, I’ve been turning to my winter morning pick me up, green tea with honey to help warm me up. I also love drinking it out of my pink leopard Tervis mug. Not only is it my favorite print but it is also helps keep it warm for quite some time.

Tea Corner

  • Naturebox Garlic Plantains

I love getting Naturebox in the mail. They’re healthy snacks that I don’t feel guilty about eating. These garlic plantains are on repeat in my quarterly box. They taste exactly like a potato chip except they’re made with plantains instead. I cannot keep my paws off of these! They’re crunchy and salty and are perfect when I’m in the mood for chips.

  • Target Tote

Anyone who knows me knows that I love bags. Every day I carry 3 bags (purse, lunchbox and tote bag) into work with me and I often get asked why I carry so many with me. I felt like my current work tote needed an upgrade and I fell in love with this one. It’s basic black so it goes with everything. I love how it’s structured so it holds my planner perfectly and the bow on it just screams preppy and Kate Spade. At only $35, I couldn’t pass it up!

Target Bow Tote

Photo Source :: Target

  • Go Blog Social

I’m still on a blogging/motivational high from Go Blog Social last weekend. I have so many ideas for both my blog and Etsy shop that I’m looking forward to putting into motion. Now if there were only more hours in a day so that I could get them all done!

  • Rawxies

Callie England, CEO of Rawxies, was the keynote speaker at Go Blog Social. She shared not only the story of how her snack business came to be but she also gave out samples of the tasty treats. I tried this tasty morsel the other day at work when I wanted a snack and I fell in love with it! I had the lemon poppy seed and it’s a soft cookie in the shape of a heart that was delicious. At only 85 calories it hit the spot for what I needed at my 3pm hangry time. The best part is the snacks are vegan, gluten free, raw, non GMO ingredients, soy free and dairy free. AKA all good for you ingredients. I’m placing an order asap to keep this on hand for snack time.


Photo source :: Rawxies


  • Quiet Reading Time

This is something my husband just made me start working into my nightly routine. I’ve never been a good sleeper and lately I’ve been up waking up every hour. Then I have a hard time falling back asleep and I wake up at 5 am for Pure Barre class so this all just translates into I’m not getting enough sleep. Recently my husband suggested that I unplug for an hour before I go to bed to help me wind down for the night. No phone, no laptop or ipad, no tv. Instead, I’ve been reading books and magazines and having a cup of chamomile tea to help ease me into bedtime and I have been loving it. I look forward to this quiet me time each night and so far it’s been helping me fall asleep and stay asleep.

 NOTE :: Some of the links above do contain affiliate links. As always I appreciate your support :)

Question // What are some things you’ve been loving lately?

How To Use Velcro Rollers

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. I have thick, naturally wavy hair. I’m trying to learn to embrace my natural waves for everyday wear but am still not totally loving it. If I just blow dry my hair and don’t style it, then I look like I’ve been struck by lightening with massive frizz everywhere. Obviously I can’t walk around looking like that so I either curl or straighten my hair which is quite the long and tedious process.

Over the years I’ve learned what works well for my hair and what doesn’t. One way that I love to style my hair is with velcro rollers. I love how it gives my hair a little bit of curl at the bottom but gives a ton of volume that lasts all day long. It doesn’t take long to do this so here’s a look at how I use velcro rollers in my hair.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Inspired. Motivated. 

Those 2 words perfectly sum up the way I felt after leaving Go Blog Social yesterday. It was 2 days packed of speakers with incredible stories, lots of tips on how to take your blog to the next level, and socializing and networking with other #girlboss bloggers and entrepreneurs. I’ve never felt more motivated or inspired to take both my blog and my Etsy business to the next level.


The event was held at the adorable Berg Event Space in downtown Kansas City. It was a quaint little space that was the perfect setting for collaborating and connecting with other like minded women. While it was a little bit scary going to a conference all by myself, I’m so so so glad that I took the time and money to invest in myself. This conference was what I needed to get the inspiration and confidence to turn my “I want to do this…” into “I am going to do this” and bringing some of my dreams to reality.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Over the 2 days, I took over 15 pages of notes. Maybe that means I’m an overachiever but it’s more like I received so much important information that I didn’t want to forget a beat of it once I got back home. While we heard from 8 different speakers on a variety of topics, the biggest theme overall from everyone was to be authentic and don’t the let fear of failure get in the way of your dreams.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Finding Your Voice – Alissa Circle CEO Pollinate Media

If something isn’t comfortable then you’re not growing. As a fellow #girlboss herself, Alissa shared the evolution of her small Etsy shop and blog into Pollinate Media, an influencer group that is rooted in the power of authenticity and peer recommendation. She spoke about finding your voice and how to embrace your originality. Find what you are passionate about and tell your story. Don’t sacrifice your authenticity – if you don’t love something then don’t talk about it. She also talked about finding a work/life balance and she said it doesn’t exist. Amen sister. In a crazy and hectic world, everyone wants to have it all and be able to balance everything. She shared some useful tips on how to find balance by taking time for yourself : read a book, workout, set daily office hours, hire a business coach. And she ended on one the best quotes I have ever heard that really has me motivated to get stuff done : take fear by the balls and make your dreams happen.

Creating Engagement through Authenticity – With Grace & Gold

This bubbly little best friend duo from Minneapolis (both who are originally from Wisconsin-woo hoo) have a boutique agency dedicated to creating branding for other small businesses. They shared why it’s important to be authentic because it will help you build a connection with your readers or client. Being real will help you to go above and beyond and stand out among others. Authenticity will ultimately help you be transparent and make you honest, genuine, relatable and most important show others that you’re human too.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

How To Get National Awareness For Your Blog – Alea Lovely

As a blogger turned wedding photographer who had a blog post go viral overnight, Alea shared some real tips on how to get your blog showcased on a national level. You have to ask for what you want because many opportunities are lost because people don’t ask. The fear of failure holds us back so say what you want and commit to it.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

How To Use Your Blog To Create And Run A Business – One Little Mamma

Kylie started her blog to promote her original Etsy business which has now turned into Nickel and Suede, a hand-made leather accessory website. She talked about how to use blogging to promote your business. Great photos, networking and working with bloggers can helped to launch your product.

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Using Twitter To Grow Your Blog And Business – Laurie Davis or eFlirtExpert

In a world of tons of social media channels, Laurie discussed how to use Twitter to grow your brand. When talking on Twitter, talk like you’re talking to your best friend. It makes you relatable. And remember to share those “me too” moments where people can see who you really are. This serves as a reminder to others that we’re human too and things aren’t always so perfect.

What Makes A Successful Blogger/Business Relationship – Landon & Meggan of Lily Jade

This inspiring husband/wife team created a designer diaper bag line that exploded through the power of social media. Not only are they the sweetest couple you’ll ever meet but they shared real insight on how to pitch and communicate with a business and creatively collaborate with brands.

.Go Blog Social Conference Recap

Growing Your Following And Gaining Recognition – Callie England CEO of Rawxies

A blogger turned mainstream health foods CEO, Callie shared how her business of Rawxies came to be. She had cushiness disease her whole life and after being tired of endless shots and doctors’ appointments, she visited a natural health doctor who changed her diet and that was the end of her weekly shots for her disease. She wanted to educated others on a lifestyle that changed her life so she created a mainstream whole foods company. I loved hearing her story and how she is turning her product into a lifestyle brand. In a world of eating junk food, it was refreshing to hear how passionate she was about healthy eating.

Building A Blogging Community – Mandy of SugarBee Crafts

Bloggers need to work together because we’re not alone in this business and together we can grow a community. Mandy shared the importance of creating a blog tribe to get support and encouragement and share knowledge with other like minded women. She gave some great practical tips on how to do this by getting yourself out there and finding guest post opportunities and finding link parties to collaborate with others. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone so time to get out there!

Go Blog Social Conference Recap

What To Do After You Book A Campaign -Enza’s Bargains

Enza shared the practical how to’s of what to do when dealing with PR reps and how to make sure you keep scoring campaigns to work on. Remember to under promise and over deliver. If they ask for 3 social mentions, then do 5.

Special thanks goes to the entire Go Blog Social team, Kathryn, Sarah, Katelyn and Samantha for putting on such an incredible event. It’s so great to have a conference like this in the midwest and I’m looking forward to next year’s Go Blog Social.



BBBC : One Moment, One Morning

Another month means time for the March Beauty Blogger Book Club Review. Last month, Heather selected the book which was One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner.

Beauty Blogger Book Club

This book was also set in England, similar to our first book we read in January. In One Moment, One Morning, three women are brought together through an event that starts off in the beginning of the book. I’ll give a small spoiler alert here and will say that this event is that one of the women’s husbands suddenly passes away.

One Moment, One Mornin

Despite the sad beginning of the book, the rest of it fills in with how each of these three women I’ll admit that right away this book made me a bit sad to read when it started abruptly with this. But, in the end the book really makes you take a deeper look at life and really appreciate the people and things around you, similar to what the three women in the book did.

For the month of May, Michelyn has selected The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. She found it on a list called 100 Books Everyone Should Read. I always see these lists on Pinterest and Facebook but have never taken the time to read any of them since I’m normally attracted to chick lit. I’m looking forward to reading something a little outside of my comfort zone for once. I also just saw that this book was made into a movie. I always really enjoy seeing a book that’s turned into a movie so I can compare the two so I’ll add that to my Netflix queue to watch at the end of the month when I finish the book.

 Don’t forget to head over to our other beauty blogger’s blogs and check out what they thought of February’s book club pick.
Heather – Love To Be Busy

If you love to read, then please join our book club! Email me for more information. And if you don’t have a blog, no worries, we welcome anyone to join the fun of being a bookworm :) And also, it’s not necessary to be a beauty blogger. Anyone can join! Each month, one of the Beauty Blogger Book Club (BBBC) members will choose a book for the Club to read. At the beginning of the following month, we each write a book report/summary for our readers to enjoy and share the book for the following month!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite book that’s been turned into a movie?

March Favorites

You know how they always say March is in like a lion and out like a lamb? Yeah, not quite sure what that means. All I know is that the weather is FINALLY nice where I live and it has made me so happy! My boots, gloves and winter hat are officially packed away and fingers crossed that I don’t have to pull them out again till later this year.

This month I don’t have a ton of favorites, in fact most of my favorites are a few rediscovered beauty items that I had in my collection.

Tips On How To Plan A Vacation

One of mine and my husband’s favorite things to do is travel to new places. Right now I’m in the midst of planning our next vacation to London and Paris in May. It coincides with our 2 year wedding anniversary and I can’t wait to explore more of Europe with B!

When it comes to planning a vacation, it can seem like a big task especially if you aren’t using the help of a travel agent or tour company. I wanted to share my process of planning a vacation to hopefully make your next vacation easier for you.

How to plan a Vacation

  1. Plan out the dates or the destination you want to go

There are 2 ways to approach how you decide on a vacation. You can either plan around dates for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. Otherwise you can pick what time of the year you want to visit a particular place in the world. If winter is your least favorite season, then plan a trip to the Caribbean to escape the cold and snow. Side note, make sure that you also have available time off from work and your vacation won’t coincide with any big deadlines or projects.

  1. Book your flights

I find that booking your flight is the easiest task to conquer first. Take to sites like Expedia or Orbitz to compare airfares.

  1. Use Tripadvisor to look at things to do and restaurants to eat at

Tripadvisor is my favorite to use when it comes to vacation planning. We’ve always had good luck with getting top restaurant recommendations, hotels and activities to do while we’re on vacation. You can choose to search the region you’re in and can also look at what is close by your hotel. Just remember to pay it forward and leave reviews and feedback after your trip so that others can use your experiences to help plan their vacation. I’ve also found it helpful to purchase some books about your travel destination. I used a book while in Italy that had maps for us to follow and some self-guided walking tours which helped us to see the sites.

  1. Book your hotel

Again, using the same tips as above. Look to Tripadvisor for best hotels in the area and compare prices on travel websites.

  1. Make a spreadsheet to track and plan

I love making spreadsheets for travel to track everything that we are doing. Once I book a restaurant or activity, I put the time, address and any other important information into a spreadsheet itinerary. This makes it easier for me to see our vacation at a glance and know what we’ll be up to.

  1. Make a packing list

Even if it’s 2 months before a trip, I make a packing list to jot down things that come to my mind. For instance, I recently realized  that we didn’t have a travel umbrella so I’ve made a note in my planner and on my packing list to pick one up before we go out of town. It’s easier to write these things down ahead of time as you remember them instead of having to run around at the last minute to get things done.

  1. Print out all confirmations of everything you’ve booked.

Flight, hotel, restaurant reservations and any activities you’ve booked – print them all out! I liked to arrange mine in the order that we’re doing each of the things to make it easier to find.

And last but not least, enjoy your vacation! I know it can seem daunting and a little bit stressful to plan a big vacation on your own. But remember that soon enough you’ll be on vacation relaxing and enjoying yourself!


QUESTION // What’s your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to?





RVAMPED Fashion Show

Given how much I love fashion, it shouldn’t be a surprise how much I love a good fashion show, right? I’m really looking forward to April 8 when The Haute Bauble Blog will be hosting a vintage fashion show down called RVAMPD at the Slowdown. The show will feature some of Omaha’s local vintage stores with a variety of different aesthetics and areas of vintage appreciation. I’ve never actually stepped into a vintage store but I always hear people tell me how some so fabulous as a pair of sparkly earrings or an adorable clutch came from a vintage store. I can’t wait to see what’s featured at the show in hopes of taking home my first vintage piece!

RVAMPD Fashion Show

Here’s a preview of some things you might see at the show.



 Photo Credit :: T. Tryon Photography


 Photo Credit :: T. Tryon Photography


How fabulous do these sparkly neckless look! I love a good statement necklace, especially one that has lots of rhinestones on it! Necklaces are my favorite way to dress up an outfit.


I love this plaid skirt! With the pops of orange and yellow, it makes for a perfect statement piece for spring.


Want to attend the show? Here’s the details ::

What :: RVAMPED Vintage Fashion Show presented by

Where :: Slowdown 729 N 14th Street

When :: Wednesday April 8th , Runway show starts at 7pm. Pop-Up shops start at 8pm

Tickets :: Available at all participating vendors. $10 gets you a seat on the runway, $5 at the door standing room only

Participating Vendors :: Lion’s Mane Vintage, Paperdoll Vintage, Petal Pink Vintage, The Shop Around The Corner, No Love Lost Vintage, & Haute Bauble Vintage

Gift Guide for the Bride

Spring time to me not only means warmer weather but it means the start of wedding season. If you’re in your 20s like me, then you know that from now until October you’ll have multiple weddings to attend for friends and family. And when you’re a female, that means buying engagement presents for your bestie, filling up your weekends by attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties and then dancing the night away at the wedding.

With so many wedding festivities to attend and so many gifts to buy, I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas to give the bride in your life. A lot of these items I got for my own wedding and I still cherish each of them to help me remember my special day.

Rocksbox Review

Accessorizing an outfit is one of my favorite things to do. When I was in high school, I used to pick out my outfit and jewelry the night before school and modeled it for my mom. Even though I’m an adult now, I still pick out my outfits each Sunday for the week because it just makes my mornings go a little bit smoother. I love to pick out my jewelry and pair it with my different outfits. To me, jewelry is something that really helps to style an outfit and make it even more fabulous.

Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in being one of their RB It Girls. Getting jewelry in the mail? Yes, please count me in! If you haven’t heard of Rocksbox, it’s basically a jewelry rental service. You pay $19/month and fill out a style quiz and wish list based on your jewelry specifications. A stylist will send you 3 pieces on loan for the month and you can keep them as long as you want. If you fall in love with any of the pieces in your box, you get a $10 credit to put towards jewelry to buy. If you don’t like anything, there’s a prepaid shipping label for you to send it back.

Rocksbox Review


Here’s a look at what came in my box for me ::

  • Perry Street Jean Crystal Earrings $41

I don’t often stray from my normal diamond stud earrings but I liked these pretties. They’re a big bigger than a stud to make a statement on your ear. It also helps that they’re big rhinestones because we all know how I like to sparkle and shine :)

  • Gorjana Chaplin Bracelet $40

I was not a fan of this bracelet. I do prefer to wear silver over gold so they got that right. But this was a flimsy chain and I can see this getting caught on my watch or charm bracelet so this was a thumbs down for me.

  • Perry Street Layla Necklace $44

I made a note to my stylish that I really love to wear statement necklaces. Even though this is on the small size, I would put it in that necklace category. I personally did not like this necklace simply because I prefer to wear big, bold necklaces with lots of color.


Rocksbox Review

Although this month’s pieces weren’t all a hit, I really enjoyed receiving this box in the mail. I’m looking forward to seeing what my stylist picks out for next month’s box!

If you are interested in getting your own Rocksbox, use the code ashleyericarichxoxo to get your first month’s box free!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite type of jewelry to wear?